Finish the Financial Year with a Fast Cure Floor

As the end of financial year deadline rapidly approaches, facilities managers often have budgetary funding still available for flooring refurbishments and repairs, but lack the time required for traditional flooring applications.

To make sure you get the floor refurbishment finished by June 30th, Flowcrete Australia’s fast cure methyl methacrylate (MMA) flooring range Flowfast provides the ideal solution.

Flowfast provides a decorative, durable, high performance floor finish that is fully trafficable only 90 minutes after application – fast enough to help you beat the end of year rush! 

The accelerating catalyst added into the Flowfast formulation significantly speeds up the floor’s rate of cure to help projects meet tight deadlines. It also allows for follow on trades to access the site earlier than usual and minimises the unwanted downtime incurred by a refurbishment.

Flowfast not only meets the heavy-duty performance requirements of industrial environments but it is also available in a range of decorative colour options with a choice of flake or aggregate blends, to provide commercial facilities managers with an attractive solution underfoot. Thanks to its robust nature, a Flowfast finish is able to maintain its visual appeal for an extended period of time despite continuous use and abuse within challenging working conditions.

Flowfast Quartz Scatter is ideal for a number of environments and was recently used at the Pennant Hills Train Station Footbridge to provide a decorative, durable and slip resistant flooring solution. The system was installed on top of existing metal panels and was selected due to its resilience, rapid cure time and excellent bonding properties.

Earlwood Growers Market in Sydney’s inner western suburbs desired the industrial aesthetic of polished concrete but their substrate was not suitable. Flowfast Terrosso provided an ideal solution to the challenging substrate and the quick-curing system was installed in the aisles, trading floor, checkouts and deli areas of the store. The Flowfast Terrosso system has been developed for these high traffic retail spaces and delivers a decorative, robust and abrasion resistant floor finish.

Flowcrete Australia’s methyl methacrylate flooring can be used to optimise an environment in a number of ways, for example coloured quartz aggregates can be broadcast over the Flowfast material to create a positively textured finish that will help to prevent slips and trips.

Flowfast’s ability to be installed on top of a number of substrates, including concrete, steel, tiles, other resins and marine ply, also facilitates a rapid flooring project, as in most cases the previous surface will not need to be taken up before the new finish is applied.

To find out more about how Flowcrete Australia’s range of fast curing Flowfast floors can meet your end of financial year requirements, visit our website, call us on +61 7 3205 7115 or email

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The accelerating catalyst added into the Flowfast formulation significantly speeds up the floor’s rate of cure to help projects meet tight deadlines.
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