Flowcrete Americas Brings The Level Best in Isocrete Flooring Compounds Stateside

Flowcrete Americas has today announced the launch of a new range of leveling floor compounds, patching screeds and repair mortars, bringing the parent company’s time-proven Isocrete screed technology to the US, Canadian and Latin American markets. 

Isocrete is a range of fast-cure, cement based floor leveling compounds, which can be used for sloping, patching and leveling the concrete substrate prior to the installation of floor finishes.

Isocrete systems are easily installed, can be applied to green concrete and offer fast-cure properties to reduce downtime or alternatively in new-build scenarios to minimize any halt to construction – allowing follow on trades swift and efficient access to the site.

Once cured, Isocrete underlayments offer excellent compressive strength, moisture resistance and non-shrinkage properties and can be covered with ceramic tiles, carpet, laminate, vinyl or polymer floor finishes.

Systems available in the range include Isocrete 1500, a rapid drying, pre-mixed, self-leveling cement based compound installed at >3/16” and best suited to general-purpose use and traffic conditions. Isocrete 1500 offer protection against external moisture ingress, condensation and spillages.  

Designed to tackle more arduous, heavy load bearing environments, is Flowscreed Industrial Top, a rapid drying, pre-mixed, self-leveling cement based compound, installed at >3/16”, containing durable quartz aggregates for added strength under high traffic conditions.

Completing the range is Isocrete 4000, a trowel-applied protein-free cement-based mortar, installed between 1/4” and 4”, which has been designed to repair, slope or level structurally sound, interior and exterior concrete surfaces that are pitted, worn, scaled or spalled.

Known for its ability to deliver the level best in the industry, Flowcrete’s Isocrete range has been a staple of the international construction market for more than five decades and has been used on a number of landmark projects across the globe including Dubai International Airport, London’s world-famous Wembley Stadium and The Wynn Resort & Casino in Macau as well as a number of major shopping centers and institutional facilities.

Isocrete systems are compatible with the entire range of Flowcrete Americas polymer flooring products including it’s epoxy, polyurethane and resin chemistries and can be used as a turnkey solution to build-up the floor from substrate to finish.

A wide range of complementary products – including wall finishes and coving mortars – are also available.

To discover more about Flowcrete Americas’ Isocrete range visit www.flowcreteamericas.com or to trial the product contact americas@flowcrete.com.

Press Contact

To contact Flowcrete Americas please visit www.flowcreteamericas.com/contact-us or contact Daniel Ash at Flowcrete Group’s Marketing department on 44 (0)1270 758 702 or email dan.ash@flowcrete.com.

Notes to Editors

Flowcrete Americas is part of Flowcrete Group Ltd and has offices based in Spring, Texas.

Flowcrete Group has manufacturing facilities across the Americas, Asia, Europe and Africa.

Flowcrete supplies world-class seamless flooring solutions to transform environments across the globe, including decorative seamless resins, waterproof park deck coating systems, seamless resin terrazzo, durable antimicrobial flooring, corrosion protection and cementitious self-levelling underlayments.

Flowcrete’s ambitious and dedicated team is inspired by excellence in people, products and service as well as continual innovation and sustainable growth. Flowcrete continues to use its global expertise to introduce environmentally friendly, hygienic and aesthetically attractive floors to create a better and more sustainable world.

For more information please visit www.flowcreteamericas.com


About Us

Flowcrete is a world leader in the manufacture of seamless resin flooring systems and self levelling floor screed treatments for the industrial flooring and commercial flooring sectors. With sales offices over six continents and manufacturing centres across Europe, the Americas, Asia and Africa, our aim is to serve clients in their local markets by innovatively transforming environments at ground-level. We have a fresh approach to flooring and are constantly looking to introduce world-class flooring systems that offer a number of performance advantages while at the same time make floors so much more than something to walk over. We are dedicated to producing environmentally friendly flooring materials and using our planet’s resources responsibly across all of our operations to ensure a greener, more sustainable world at our feet.




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Isocrete is a range of fast-cure, cement based floor leveling compounds, which can be used for sloping, patching and leveling the concrete substrate prior to the installation of floor finishes.
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