Flowcrete Brews Brilliant Floor for Birth of Brassneck Brewery

Flowcrete Americas has collaborated with Brassneck Brewery in Vancouver, B.C, to provide a hardwearing and hygienic flooring surface for its busy, customer facing production area.

Brassneck Brewery opened on October 2nd 2013 and is a neighborhood brewery servicing Mount Pleasant and the surrounding area that includes a tasting room and growler shop.

The brainchild of the popular restaurant the Alibi Room’s Nigel Springthorpe and brewer Conrad Gmoser, Brassneck is a growler-only storefront brewery with a pedestrian focus.

There is no doubt that Springthorpe knows what beer lovers want better than most, this is in large part down to the on-the-job research he has conducted at the Alibi Room, a Gastown taphouse considered by many to be the best place to drink craft beer in the entire province.

But before the business could begin fermenting, showcasing and selling beer, it needed to transform the existing warehouse space that it had chosen as its new center of operations. However before it could become a fully functional brewhouse the aging floor had to be renovated into a seamless, visually appealing, robust and high performance surface.

To achieve this Flowcrete Americas’ STAR rated applicator partner EDGE Industrial Flooring Ltd. installed the self-leveling, slurry-broadcast flooring system Flowfresh SLB at a thickness of 3/16" to provide an ultra-hygienic alternative to traditional epoxy floor screeds with enhanced durability and anti-slip properties.

Flowcrete’s antimicrobial treated cementitious urethane flooring system, Flowfresh SRQ was also installed over a smaller area at a heavy duty thickness of 1/4" to provide a positively textured floor finish, which is resistant to thermal shock and moisture vapor transmission.

Flowfresh has the antimicrobial agent Polygiene® homogenously distributed throughout the system’s cementitious urethane matrix. This additive uses silver ion technology to complement regular floor cleaning and hygiene practices between wash cycles and has been successfully tested to meet the ISO 22196 standard.

Flowfresh was also used to create coving within the brewery, to ensure a seamless transition between the floor and the wall that would be as strong, hygienic and impervious as the rest of the floor area. The floor finish was then sealed with the fast cure, gloss, chemical resistant, polyurea coating Flowseal Ultra.

Completing this renovation meant overcoming several interesting obstacles, such as coping with many different trades working on the brewery’s constantly evolving design, utilizing recycled materials and not to mention factoring in the city’s challenging building permit process. However, EDGE Industrial Flooring Ltd. and internal fit out company Harmony Pacific Projects Inc. were more than up to the job.

The STAR rated contractors, EDGE Industrial Flooring Ltd., conducted the job in a timely and professional manner and provided a fantastic end result much to the delight of the client. The expert contractors are known for working to budget and delivering their projects to schedule.

Design experts Harmony Pacific Projects Inc. worked closely with the brewery to ensure that a high standard of quality, craftsmanship and functionality was achieved and also brought to the table the ability to closely track the cost and timetable of the project on a bi-weekly basis, allowing the client to clearly see where the project was progressing at all times.

The floor was supplied in a decorative quartz effect to help make the brewery a pleasant and welcoming environment for staff, visitors and customers. The production area of the brewery is also customer facing, in a no holds barred move to impress the authenticity of the produce upon its consumers. This means that the floor’s stylish urban aesthetic serves as a particularly important part of the Brassneck brand image.

North America’s thriving brewery industry has been increasingly utilizing Flowcrete Americas flooring systems in order to provide a productive, hygienic and fully optimized beer producing environment. The Devils Backbone Brewery and Florida Beer Company have both recently benefited from the polymer flooring specialist’s expertise.

The Florida Beer Company project was a particularly unique and interesting challenge, as it wanted to restore a former NASA research site into a 60,000 sq. ft. showcase brewery with a capacity of 90,000 barrels and a tasting lounge.

The Devils Backbone Brewery also looked to Flowcrete when it expanded its Outpost Brewery in Virginia with a new 18,000 sq. ft. brewing facility. The creator of the popular Vienna Lager was determined that the floor in its new site would retain an attractive, stain free and functional surface over an extended period of time.

The brewery called on Flowcrete, having been impressed with the company’s extensive food and beverage client reference list, as well as its exclusive global partnership with Polygiene®.

To find out more about Flowcrete Americas’ polymer flooring systems for the brewery industry visit www.flowcreteamericas.com/brewery or contact us at amerweb@flowcrete.com.

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Flowcrete Americas’ STAR rated applicator partner, EDGE Industrial Flooring Ltd. installed the self-leveling, slurry-broadcast flooring system Flowfresh SLB at a thickness of 3/16
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