Flowcrete’s Enhanced Floorzone on Show at North England Build

Visitors to North England Build will be able to find out how the region’s burgeoning construction industry can utilise Flowcrete UK’s specialist solutions to create floor areas tailored to the challenging requirements of large-scale commercial and industrial environments. 

On stand E41 of the event, Flowcrete UK will be demonstrating the potential of its recently updated Floorzone concept to combine seamless, easy to clean resin finishes with high-performance screeds and efficient underfloor heating systems. 

The resin-flooring manufacturer, locally headquartered in Sandbach, Cheshire, is aware that the specification process can be a tricky task, especially for complex infrastructure developments such as hospitals, schools, high-rise buildings and transport hubs. To simplify this process the Floorzone solution means that every element of the floor build up, from the substrate to the finish, can be sourced from one supplier and under one warranty.

The resin systems included within the Floorzone are broken down into decorative epoxy, fast curing methyl methacrylate (MMA) and hard wearing polyurethane coatings. The variety of finishes available means that designers can choose the style that matches their aesthetic criteria combined with the necessary functionality and installation speeds.

These finishes can be combined with the Isocrete Green Screeds range, which utilises recycled materials to enhance a building’s ecological credentials. Designed to create level, long-lasting screeds, these systems can incorporate Isowarm underfloor heating and Isocrete Acoustic K Insulation to provide ultra-efficient temperature control while simultaneously reducing noise transfer around the building.

For sites that need the sturdiest screed solution, Flowcrete UK’s market leading Isocrete K-Screed has been formulated to rapidly create a robust layer that can be combined with bolt-on flooring components and topped by a variety of finishes. 

The diversity of the Floorzone’s options has made it popular within North England’s construction industry. The pick-and-choose list of flooring solutions means that developments can specify floors for different areas of the site based on the demands and challenges that particular locations will face.  

At the show, North England Build’s attendees can learn about several new additions to the Floorzone, as Flowcrete UK has launched a series of solutions designed to ensure successful flooring projects despite difficult installation conditions. These new systems include Flowfresh HF LT, Flowflex Joint Sealant, Isocrete Screedfast Flex and Aqualock One Coat.

Flowfresh HF LT has an increased fluidity at lower temperatures, which makes it easier to spread and finish on construction sites that fall below 15°C. It is produced without pine oil to minimise odour during the floor’s installation and has a highly effective resistance to water marking.

Isocrete Screedfast Flex is a polymer modified cement, specially formulated to deliver a high strength screed within a very fast curing time. At 20°C this Category A screed is able to dry to 75% relative humidity (RH) in only 24 hours.

Flowflex Joint Sealant provides contractors with a hybrid-polymer based elastic sealant that maintains a high mechanical strength and permanent elasticity, while the solvent and water free, epoxy resin, damp proof membrane Aqualock OneCoat allows for the immediate installation of moisture sensitive floor finishes onto damp concrete and cementitious screeds with a moisture content of up to 97%. This system has been tested to protect against damage from moisture vapour in accordance with the BS 8293 standard.

If you would like to talk about the flooring challenges within a particular project or would like to learn more about the ways that the Floorzone can actively enhance a large-scale facility’s floor area, then talk to Flowcrete UK’s resin experts on stand E41 of North England Build

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For more information please visit www.flowcrete.co.uk or contact Daniel Ash at Flowcrete Group’s Marketing department on 01270 753 000 or email dan.ash@flowcrete.com.

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Flowcrete supplies world-class seamless flooring solutions to transform environments across the globe including; decorative seamless resins, waterproof car park deck coating systems, seamless resin terrazzo, durable antimicrobial flooring, corrosion protection, self levelling underlayments, underfloor heating and now underfloor acoustic insulation.

Flowcrete's ambitious and dedicated team is inspired by excellence in people, products and service as well as continual innovation and sustainable growth. Flowcrete continues to use its global expertise to introduce environmentally friendly, hygienic and aesthetically attractive floors to create a better and more sustainable world.

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Flowcrete is a world leader in the manufacture of seamless resin flooring systems and self levelling floor screed treatments for the industrial flooring and commercial flooring sectors. With sales offices over six continents and manufacturing centres across Europe, the Americas, Asia and Africa, our aim is to serve clients in their local markets by innovatively transforming environments at ground-level. We have a fresh approach to flooring and are constantly looking to introduce world-class flooring systems that offer a number of performance advantages while at the same time make floors so much more than something to walk over. We are dedicated to producing environmentally friendly flooring materials and using our planet’s resources responsibly across all of our operations to ensure a greener, more sustainable world at our feet.




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On stand E41 of North England Build, Flowcrete UK will be demonstrating the potential of its recently updated Floorzone concept to combine seamless, easy to clean resin finishes with high-performance screeds and efficient underfloor heating systems.
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