Jeddah Airport Grows for the Future with Flowcrete

Flowcrete Middle East has been partnering with the King Abdulaziz International Airport (KAIA) on its Master Plan to become a gateway to the region by enhancing its infrastructure and significantly increasing passenger capacity. 

The New KAIA Project will allow 70-80 million annual passengers to move through the Jeddah based airport by 2035. This impressive growth will be achieved without adding additional runways but through developments such as a 670,000m2 passenger terminal complex, a new transportation centre and a landmark, 136m high control tower.

To prepare for the arrival of roughly six times today’s number of visitors, it was essential that the KAIA’s car parking facilities were upgraded. Flowcrete Middle East has been working with the airport to supply 600,000m2 of its high performance deck coating systems Deckshield ID and Deckshield ED to create a hard wearing floor finish in its new car park areas.    

It was imperative for the KAIA that the building materials used across its new developments would be able to reliably withstand the intense challenges of such a large and complex operation.

The full polyurethane formulation of Deckshield makes it a highly reliable flooring system within such environments. This reliability stems from the combination of a polyurethane topcoat with a polyurethane primer, which makes it less brittle than systems that use an epoxy primer. Thanks to this advantage, Deckshield is better able to withstand the deflection within the slabs and decks of a car park that are caused by intense multiflow traffic.

Flowcrete Middle East’s Vik Vithlani said: “The strong bond with which Deckshield adheres to the substrate is an important part of its ability to prevent floor failure. To prove its strength, the Deckshield that has been applied onsite has already undergone adhesion testing. The results of these tests are very good and the KAIA can be confident of achieving a long lasting finish throughout its new car park.”

As the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s (KSA) leading airport, serving not only the kingdom’s commercial centre of Jeddah but also acting as the entry point for many pilgrims going to Makkah and Madinah, aesthetics was also a key consideration - making it crucial that an attractive, well maintained appearance is presented to visitors at all times.

The durability and strength of Deckshield means that it will be able to maintain a seamless and unblemished surface despite years of heavy traffic moving in tight circles, exposure to the elements, spillages of automotive oils, corrosive chemicals and frequent cleaning with hot water.   

Flowcrete Middle East’s Vik Vithlani added: “We’re exceptionally proud to be working with the King Abdulaziz International Airport on their impressive expansion project.

“This is one of the region’s most high-profile airports and the current development work will turn it into an international aviation hub that will promote KSA’s economic spirit and support the nation’s air transportation system.

“Flowcrete Middle East’s Deckshield car park coatings have been designed to provide a colourful floor finish that will optimise the space through benefits such as slip resistance, tyre squeal reduction, substrate protection and navigational signage.”

A strong emphasis has been placed on environmental sustainability throughout the design, construction and operation of the airport’s new facilities and it has committed to achieving the LEED (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design) Silver status.

Flowcrete Middle East has worked to remove toxic substances from its products and it has streamlined its manufacturing, transportation and installation practises to cut down on environmentally harmful waste. The resin flooring specialists have even designed flooring systems with recycled industrial material to further reduce the amount of waste sent to landfills.

The longevity of Deckshield is also an environmental advantage, as it reduces the need to repair or refurbish the car park floor for long periods of time, therefore avoiding the environmental and financial impact that this work incurs.

Flowcrete Middle East has become a popular flooring partner for the Gulf region’s large-scale commercial construction developments. Other prestigious flooring projects currently being undertaken include delivering 40,000m2 of Deckshield to the Mall of the Emirates (Dubai) and 48,000m2 of Deckshield ED is being supplied to the King Abdullah Sports City Stadium (Jeddah).

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