Looking to the Past for Future Proof Floors

As Flowcrete Middle East looks forward to some of the region’s biggest developments, including the Dubai Expo 2020, the ‘Mall of the World’ and Qatar’s FIFA 2022 World Cup, the resin flooring specialist looks back at one of its most successful projects.

In 1999 32,000 m2 of the flexible, solvent free polyurethane car park deck coating system Deckshield ID was applied within the Deira City Centre’s parking facility – and it is still in use today five years after its guarantee expired!

The floor finish in its car park has remained seamless, colourful and crack free despite the fact that this location is one of Dubai’s busiest retail centres.  As the car park is many visitors first impression of the venue, it was vital that the 20 million annual visitors to the Deira City Centre experienced a car park that meets the highest possible standards for appearance and functionality.

One and half decades of continuous use is an incredible achievement for a multi storey car park due to the large number of heavy vehicles continuously moving across the surface combined with exposure to automotive oils, which usually degrades the surface long before this life span has been met.

It is this sort of longevity that will be essential for the Middle East’s newest developments, as they will be iconic landmarks that commemorate some of the region’s most important milestones for many decades to come.

The longevity of the Deckshield ID finish in the Deira City Centre can be attributed to several key factors. Importantly, the full polyurethane formulation of this system makes it incredibly hard wearing and long lasting in comparison to hybrid systems that combine a polyurethane topcoat with an epoxy primer. This epoxy primer in hybrid systems is incredibly rigid and brittle, therefore making it more prone to failure than the polyurethane primer of Deckshield ID, meaning that Deckshield is better able to withstand deflection within the slabs or decks of car parks caused by intense multiflow traffic.  

This innovative design is combined with a thick system build up that ensures a sufficient amount of resin content is applied to resist the heavy, continuous traffic and to avoid early deterioration and delamination of the system.

The operators of the Deira City Centre mall have diligently followed the correct cleaning and maintenance regime as prescribed by Flowcrete Middle East, which has helped the floor to retain its aesthetic and functional properties over such a long period of time.

The benefits of the Deckshield ID system’s long service life is not just that it has provided a high-standard experience for the venue’s many visitors, as it also means that significant life cycle savings have been achieved. This is thanks to the fact that the Deira City Centre has not had to spend any time, money or effort refurbishing or repairing its car park floor.

Since this project Flowcrete Middle East has worked on some of the region’s most high-profile developments, which included providing over 500,000 m2 of Deckshield materials for the biggest car park in the MENA region at the Dubai Mall.

The range of high-quality resin floors and expertise that the Dubai based manufacturer can bring to a project means that it will have a solution for any development, regardless of scale, scope, challenges or conditions. 

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In 1999 32,000 m2 of the flexible, solvent free polyurethane car park deck coating system Deckshield ID was applied within the Deira City Centre mall’s parking facility – and it is still in use today five years after its guarantee expired!
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