New Meat, Poultry & Seafood Guide Outlines Best Floor & Wall Finishes for North American Brands Operating A HACCP Based Food Safety Plan

Flowcrete Americas has published a new floor specification guide for plant, maintenance and engineering managers working in the meat, poultry and seafood processing industries ahead of the company’s upcoming attendance at the International Production and Processing Expo (IPPE) in Atlanta, GA, January 26 – 18, 2016. 

Joining Flowcrete Americas on Booth 7656 is Bill DuBose, a fully qualified HACCP instructor and Business Development Specialist for HACCP International. Bill has many years of experience in business and project management, quality assurance, management systems (ISO 22000, FSSC 22000, ISO 9000), food safety, government compliance and GMP/HACCP prerequisite compliance. Bill’s expertise includes development and implementation of quality and food safety based systems.

In North America, the USDA, FDA and CFIA legally mandate facilities operating in the meat, poultry and seafood sectors to implement food safety management systems based on HACCP principles and hazard prevention. As a result, hygiene and safety are the top priority when choosing construction materials so as to avert the risk of foodborne illness resulting from contaminated meat and fish products.

The new guide offers a breakdown on the different polymer floor and wall finishes that are recommended for the different operational areas found within these facilities based on the environment’s exposure to chemical attack, temperature swings and punishing steam cleaning / hot water washdowns. It also takes into account the facility’s need for a high-grade slip-resistant profile underfoot to reduce the risk of slip/fall accidents when wet.

Flowcrete Americas’ HACCP International certified cementitious urethane flooring range, Flowfresh, has been evaluated to international standards and a set of key safety criteria for potential physical, chemical and microbiological safety risks by a team of degree qualified food technologists and product assessors.

Flowcrete Americas’ Flowfresh flooring range has been identified as safe for use in wet and dry food handling areas such as kitchens, production areas and processing areas operating a HACCP based Safety Management Program, noting the conditions of the certification statement SSZ.

Flowfresh is a non porous, non tainting and phthalate-free hard flooring surface which is typically trowelled or slurry broadcast to deliver a seamless finish that is resistant to a wide range of chemicals, solvents and food by-products as well as intermittent temperatures of up to 250°F.

The Flowfresh range contains a natural silver-ion based antimicrobial additive, Polygiene®, which is included within the resin matrix to protect the finished surface from degradation caused by microorganisms and can also be adjusted to meet varying slip resistance requirements in both dry and wet areas in order to minimize slip risks.

Flowcrete Americas Flowfresh range also includes a coving mortar system – to ensure a hygienic transition between the floor and wall. Additionally, all Flowfresh systems can be sloped to drainage channels using the company’s cementitious urethane grout or range of Isocrete self-leveling compounds and patching mortars.

HACCP International operates a world-renowned product certification scheme for equipment, materials and services used within processing, production and packaging environments - confirming a product’s suitability for use within businesses that operate to the world’s highest safety and hygiene standards.

Click here to download the new ‘Meat, Poultry & Seafood Floor Specification Guide’.

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In North America, the USDA, FDA & CFIA legally mandate facilities operating in the meat, poultry and seafood sectors to implement food safety management systems based on HACCP principles and hazard prevention.
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