Failed Brakes at 60mph Triggered the HinderRUST Project.

Conception of HinderRUST

The HinderRUST™ project started several years ago at 60 miles per hour on Route 17 in New Jersey during the rush hour. I stepped on the brakes and nothing happened. The pedal went to the floor; this sort of occurrence is guaranteed to flush your sinuses. It got me thinking. I nursed the car to our local repair shop and found that the brake lining had rusted out, leaking all its fluid.

I've been making lubricants for decades. One of my inventions (Tufoil®) is in the Guinness Book of Records as " The World's Most Efficient Lubricant".

Something had to be done to stop this kind of rust.

There has been a lot of press in recent months about ignition switches turning engines off at inopportunes moments. I haven't heard a single mention of brakes failing due to rusted, leaking hydraulic lines in the media. There are alot of reports on the web.

My car is a 1999 Ford Taurus. I can't imagine I'm the only person who has had that problem. There must be thousands of cars out there that are like lingering time bombs just waiting for the brakes to fail. They get more dangerous every year!

The best solution is a recall to replace the brake lines with those made of stainless steel. I know that isn't likely. Two years in the lab and hundreds (not 40) of tests against other products resulted in HinderRUST™, a spectacular rust inhibitor. Favorable reports are coming in from all over the world about using HinderRUST™ on wire rope, military weapons, aircraft, fuel pump lines.

To see videos of our test, visit us here.


About Us

Fluoramics Inc. has developed HinderRUST Inc, which manufactures HinderRUST; A solvent free rust inhibitor, rust prevention and corrosion protection lubricant for your most essential equipment.HinderRUST is the perfect solution to rust and corrosion prevention as well as mechanic lubrication. Aerosol free and odorless, our product can be transported on airplanes and used in confined spaces such as trains. Our product can help prevent rust and stop corrosion on machines large and small – from major equipment in factories to the underside of your car.Frank Reick, president of Fluoramics, Inc, and inventor of Tufoil, created HinderRUST, a product that takes a major step forward in the world of lubrication. After receiving his degree in Industrial Engineering from Syracuse University, Frank provided technical expertise to companies like General Electric, Diversified Technologies and ITT. He also served as a technical consultant to a variety of high-tech companies.


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