"The World's Most Efficient Automotive Lubricant"

The History of Tufoil

Tufoil® was created by NJIT Inventor's Hall of Fame inductee Franklin G. Reick and was listed as "The World's Most Efficient Lubricant" by the Guinness Book of World Records in 1996. Tufoil® still holds that record to date.

Tufoil® was tested by the U.S. Government at the National Bureau of Standards, now known as NIST. They reported that Tufoil® has a steel-on-steel surface friction of 0.029, which made it the slipperiest substance known to man.

The desire to contribute to a cleaner atmosphere led Frank down a 10-year path in the development of Tufoil®. When Tufoil® mixes with your car's engine oil, the oil is changed into a highly efficient engine treatment with an extremely low surface friction. This Tufoil®-enhanced oil coats the vital, moving engine parts, resulting in a faster cranking speed in any weather and better gas mileage. The Canadian Government conducted tests at their Kaptest Laboratories. The overall results are astounding!

Initially, it is suggested to add 8oz. of Tufoil® to a 4-5 quart capacity crankcase, or 2oz. per quart of motor oil. For subsequent oil changes, 4oz. will maintain effectiveness. Tufoil® is completely compatible with conventional and synthetic motor oils in both gasoline and diesel engines. Tufoil® will not void new car warranties. And, with its chemistry consisting of PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene) particles so small, it will not clog oil filters, clump, or settle in the oil pan.

Dirt bikes and other off-road vehicles have been found to benefit greatly from using Tufoil®. As the engines were made more powerful-resulting in faster and harder ride, Tufoil® reduces the friction within the shock absorbers. This allows the shocks to perform more effectively within the suspension system. Ultimately, the rider can now take full advantage of increased horsepower.

In racing and high-performance vehicles, where every horsepower counts, Tufoil® can give you a competitive advantage by allowing the engine to reach its maximun potential.

Fluoramics Inc. is located in Mahwah, NJ and has been engineering leading lubricant products since 1967. Their product line is distributed in numerous countries throughout the world. Fluoramics Inc. manufactures several variations of their Tufoil® formula: including Lubit-8®, Gun-Coat®, Lightning Grease, Hi-Temp Grease and HinderRUST™. Distributors of these products have discovered a multitude of uses for them in motors, gearboxes, engines, OEM (original equipment manufacturer) machines and pumps. These lubricant products are also widely used on musical instruments, fine gears and as a rust inhibitor.

Tufoil® can be purchased in various sizes and formulations for use in the automotive, trucking, marine, motorcycle, off-road and racing industries.

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About Us

Fluoramics Inc. has developed HinderRUST Inc, which manufactures HinderRUST; A solvent free rust inhibitor, rust prevention and corrosion protection lubricant for your most essential equipment.HinderRUST is the perfect solution to rust and corrosion prevention as well as mechanic lubrication. Aerosol free and odorless, our product can be transported on airplanes and used in confined spaces such as trains. Our product can help prevent rust and stop corrosion on machines large and small – from major equipment in factories to the underside of your car.Frank Reick, president of Fluoramics, Inc, and inventor of Tufoil, created HinderRUST, a product that takes a major step forward in the world of lubrication. After receiving his degree in Industrial Engineering from Syracuse University, Frank provided technical expertise to companies like General Electric, Diversified Technologies and ITT. He also served as a technical consultant to a variety of high-tech companies.

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“We didn’t invent the wheel, just the lubricants that keep them running.”
Paula Douglas