Tyson Deli Connects SNAP Users, Retailers

Boosts Business, Beats Hunger


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Springdale, Ark. (Feb.21, 2013) - Tyson Deli, a division of Tyson Foods, has created a program that helps deli operators capture sales opportunities while helping shoppers meet their prepared food needs in a difficult economy.  Tyson Deli, recipient of the Deli Category Captain award for the past two years, has a history of bringing new and innovative sales-building ideas to retailers in the deli channel. Tyson Deli is now offering point of sale communication materials that highlight the eligibility of cold deli prepared foods for purchase under Supplemental Nutrition Assurance Program (SNAP), a successor to food stamps.

Under the federal program that is, according to the Hunger Task Force, “the first line of defense against hunger,” $68 billion are available for SNAP purchases. SNAP benefits are issued in the form of EBT cards that enable participants in the program to make purchases at participating retailers. Today, 45 million Americans are served by SNAP. With participation at these levels, SNAP is not relegated to particular zip codes or neighborhoods—participants in SNAP live in nearly every locality and shop at nearly every outlet. 

Tyson Deli’s point of sale communication materials help raise awareness among SNAP recipients that a range of products are available to meet their food needs. For retailers, communicating that they accept SNAP in the deli section not only helps them serve their customers but also creates an opportunity to increase sales by serving a broader audience that they may be missing today. Orders are currently being accepted for window clings, danglers, shelf strips and table tents.

SNAP participation is good for the community as much as for the economy. “For every $5 of additional spending on SNAP, $9 is generated in the economy. For every $1 billion spent on SNAP, more than 8,900 and 17,900 jobs are saved or created, respectively,” according to the Department of Agriculture[1]. “Accepting SNAP allows the deli team to better serve their shoppers, generate new traffic and increase sales. Not only does it make business sense, it is the right thing to do, especially in this economy,” said T. FuQua, Brand Manager, Tyson Foods.

This initiative promotes protein consumption amongst the neediest families and builds on Tyson Foods’ decade-plus commitment to addressing food insecurity. The company began strategically working to address hunger relief in 2000 and has since donated more than 85 million pounds of food[2]. Its ‘Know Hunger’ corporate social responsibility initiative, launched in 2011, further strengthens communities. The Tyson “Meals That Matter” disaster relief team also served more than 40,000 meals to victims of Superstorm Sandy[3]. Emergency SNAP cards can also help disaster victims. People in affected areas are able to use SNAP cards in the immediate aftermath of a natural disaster to purchase food, including hot food and foods consumed on retailer premises.

To order deli specific SNAP signage for your deli, please visit www.TysonDeliwebstore.com.

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