Bank by Internet now even more interactive

Bank by Internet now even more interactive The customers are the winners as Swedbank adds individual functions to its Bank by Internet service. "Dialogen" ("The Dialogue") is the name of the new function in Swedbank´s Bank by Internet service. "Dialogen" provides access to the customer¹s own page, where that customer can both affect content and communicate directly with the bank. Via the Internet, the bank can adapt itself to each customer. "With the scope that "Dialogen" will have, we are offering by far the best solution for direct communication available in the Swedish banking market today", says Peter Nordblad, responsible for Swedbank´s Bank by Internet service. The personal page that will meet each customer logging in from Friday 2 July will have the following content: -My Page/My choices - By indicating his personal areas of interest, the individual customer can affect what information and what offers are shown to him personally. Here, the customer also gains access to current articles and interesting links, including links to his local bank. -Orders/Applications - Here, the customer can order several of the bank¹s various services and apply for loans from Swedbank. -Messages/Questions - Here, the customer can receive and reply to messages from bank personnel, provide input or pose questions to the Bank via Internet service. In 1998, Swedbank became the first bank in the world to offer the "electronic invoice", which makes it possible to pay invoices directly via one´s computer, with no paperwork at all. Today, that service embraces more than ten companies. But, by the end of this year, some 50-odd companies will be offering their private and corporate customers e-invoicing directly through the Bank by Internet service. A million bills are paid each month via the Bank by Internet service, which currently has nearly 260,000 customers. The signup rate is high, with over 5,000 new customers coming on line each month. Swedbank¹s homepage gets a million and a half visits a month. "On several occasions, Swedbank by Internet and the bank´s homepage have received prizes for their service content, design and functionality. Moreover, we now have an Internet application with a one-million-customer capacity", says Gert Engman, Executive Vice President and senior executive responsible for the Bank by Internet service. -Norway´s Sparebank 1 Group signed a contract last week to buy Swedbank´s Internet solution, which opens the way to the broadest Internet bank collaboration in the Nordic Area. -After a worldwide study carried out with IBM and embracing both traditional banks and new, purely Internet banks, the market-survey company Interbrand declared Swedbank the best Internet bank in Europe and the next-best in the world. - The Stockholm daily newspaper Svenska Dagbladet has declared Swedbank´s homepage the best bank homepage in Sweden. - The Swedish business publication Affärsvärlden has declared the homepage of Swedbank´s unit trust/mutual fund company Robur to be the best and most customer-friendly fund page on the Internet. - Swedbank´s NetTrade, the bank´s share-trading service for transactions directly via the Internet, is the fastest-growing of its kind in Sweden. Further information is available from either of the following: Gert Engman Swedbank, Executive Vice President and senior executive responsible for Swedbank´s Bank by Phone and Bank by Internet services Phone +46 70 590 9818 Peter Nordblad, responsible for Swedbank´s Bank by Internet service Phone +46 70 346 8654 ------------------------------------------------------------ Please visit for further information The following files are available for download: