Management change at Swedbank (FöreningsSparbanken AB)

Management change at Swedbank (FöreningsSparbanken AB) Roger Gullqvist, Swedbank's Executive Vice President and CIO, will be leaving Swedbank on 1 February 2000 and returning to the WM-data Group. As early as in the summer of 1999, Roger Gullqvist had announced his intention of moving to a position outside Swedbank, but he agreed to remain with Swedbank over the upcoming turn-of-the year. Efforts to recruit a new IT Manager are underway, and Lars Strandberg (formerly Swedbank's Executive Vice President) will also serve as IT Manager until the post is officially filled. Further information can be obtained from the following: Göran Ahlström, CEO, Swedbank, Phone: +46 8 585 928 98 Lars Harrysson, CEO, WM-data Group, Phone: +46 8 670 24 44 ------------------------------------------------------------ Please visit for further information The following files are available for download: