SEK 40 M allocation to KopparMyntet, Swedbank€ s profit-sharing fund

SEK 40 M allocation to KopparMyntet, Swedbank' s profit-sharing fund The final phase has now begun of the most comprehensive merger ever on the Swedish banking market, in many respects the largest merger in any Swedish sector. The transition to a common computer system has been completed successfully. The integration of Swedbank (FöreningsSparbanken) has proceeded according to schedule, to some extent ahead of schedule. The first goal has been to integrate two banks into one. The second goal has st been to build an institution equipped for the 21 century. For example, a totally new systems platform and many systems applications have been installed. Employees have undergone extensive training and worked hard in order to implement the merger and learn the new systems. The board of directors has voted to express its appreciation for all this fine work by allocating SEK 40 M to KopparMyntet, the bank's profit-sharing fund, as of June 30, 1999. This special allocation will be deducted from any dividends dispersed to the fund in accordance with the recently specified criteria for 1999. For further information, contact: Reinhold Geijer, CEO, telephone +46-8-585 921 70 Nils-Fredrik Nyblæus, vice president, telephone +46-8-585 925 32 Einar Frydén, information officer, telephone +46-8-585 916 30, +46-705-11 00 33 ------------------------------------------------------------ Please visit for further information The following files are available for download: