The Bank Book - the largest private economy "portal" in Sweden

The Bank Book - the largest private economy "portal" in Sweden Today's bank customers want to gain increased knowledge enabling them to develop their own economy. That is how the idea behind the Bank Book - the largest private economy "portal" in Sweden- was conceived. The aim is to give new contents to the bank concept, to really build the bank that the customers say they want. We are living in a world where society, the opportunities to earn a living and the prerequisites of welfare are rapidly changing. The need for knowledge is therefore greater than ever. FöreningsSparbanken (Swedbank) and the independent savings banks are opening the site, a guide to economy for every man. is made available to all Swedish- speaking Internet users on September 26. The Bank Book in printed form will concurrently be distributed to 1.7 million households. With FöreningsSparbanken and the independent savings banks are taking the first step towards building the bank with which the customers say that they wish to do business. A versatile financial partner who stands by its customers through all phases in life. - The launch of the Bank Book is the beginning of an active process to develop the way we meet our customers, says Reinhold Geijer, President and CEO of Swedbank. This development which is being implemented step by step is all about actual customer orientation in accordance with the Bank's vision of my bank of opportunities. It is the duty of banks to offer their customers good service in many different ways in their everyday lives, and to provide up-to-date information on their own economy. For Swedbank which together with the independent savings banks has almost 6 million customers it is a duty to be taken seriously.The Bank Book is therefore produced in printed form as well as on the Internet in order to give everybody access to the information. -We are now modernizing the traditional adult education. An important role for a bank today is to provide opportunities for the customers to move into the world of the Internet together with the bank, says Ture Svenson, Chairman of the National Association of Independent Savings Banks. The Bank Book has been developed in cooperation between Swedbank and independent and affiliated savings banks, and it is now launched nation-wide. The local community is gaining importance in a global environment, and by sharing our expertise on the increasingly important issues of everyday economy and long-term security we want to play a part in the development of the local community, adds Reinhold Geijer. Besides the Internet and the printed version the contents of the book are also presented on the bank premises. This is also aimed at making it simpler and more convenient for the customers to do business with the Bank. Elisabeth Ström, Head of Communication on the Executive Management and the person managing the overall project: - For the Bank's customers the Bank Book is a unique guide and source of inspiration to making everyday economy something more than just paying bills. For the Bank's 11,000 staff members the Bank Book and the training they have all received before the launch is a learning process around new ways of working, using the technology, developing customer relations and providing information. The Bank Book is divided into five parts with the first one, the phases of life, based on the individual situation. The section on active finances deals with money and how to handle it. The bank's sevices describes ways of using the bank and the services offered. The chapter on direct ordering of the bank's services gives you rapid access to the bank's services, and at the end there are a number of practical aids, calculations and other tools to help you work on your finances. Welcome to an extensive press briefing this afternoon at 14.00 at Swedbank, Brunkebergstorg. Press conferences will be held simultaneously at another 80 places around Sweden. ------------------------------------------------------------ Please visit for further information The following files are available for download: