The Loviisa power plant’s Unit 1 was connected to the national grid exactly 30 years ago on 8 February 1977, and commercial power production began in May 1977. Unit 2 was completed about three years later and connected to the national grid in November 1980. Over the years, the units have together produced 205.7 terawatt hours of electricity, equal to the annual consumption of approximately 10 million detached houses with electric heating in Finland.

Both units are in excellent condition, and their availability is world-class. The average capacity factor for the plant’s entire lifetime is 85.9% for Unit 1 and 88.2% for Unit 2. The combined capacity factor for both units was 91% in 2006. The capacity factor describes the plants’ production during a certain period of time compared to nominal capacity.

Major renovations and safety improvements have been undertaken throughout the 30-years of use. Thanks to this, it has been possible to improve, for example, the probability-based safety indicator to less than a tenth of the original figure. The power plants excellent condition has also made possible plans to extend plant’s operations at least until it turns 50. In November 2006, the Loviisa power plant submitted an operating license renewal application to the Ministry of Trade and Industry: for 20 years for Unit 1, and for 23 years for Unit 2.

Nuclear power production is climate-benign with zero carbon dioxide emissions. Had the power produced by the Loviisa nuclear plant during its entire time of operation been produced in modern coal condensing power plants, 172.8 million tons of carbon dioxide would have been released into the atmosphere. It can be calculated that the next two decades’ planned power production at Loviisa enables us to avoid 130 million tons worth of carbon dioxide emissions.

Currently, the plant employs approximately 550 people, and a change of generation is under way: last year 31 new employees were hired and 23 people took up new positions within the plant. The average age of own personnel was 45 at the beginning of the year, and getting younger. The anniversary will be spent working.

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