Sven Söderberg resigns as Chairman of the Board of Ratos

Sven Söderberg has decided to resign as Chairman of the Board of Ratos but to continue to serve as a Board member. Sven Söderberg had intended to resign from the Board due to age at the next Annual General Meeting. However, in order to facilitate recruitment of a new president, he decided to resign as Chairman at this time. Olof Stenhammar has been appointed new Chairman of the Board. As announced previously, Urban Jansson had decided to resign as president of Ratos. Concurrently, he is leaving his post as a member of the Board, but is retaining his positions as Chairman of the Boards of Dahl, Esselte, PriFast and Scandic. The Board is beginning immediately to recruit a new president. The Board has appointed Thomas Mossberg, currently executive vice president, as acting president of Ratos, Olle Isberg has been appointed executive vice president. Ratos´ Board comprises Lars Bern, Peggy Bruzelius, Harry Faulkner, Göran Grosskopf, Mikael Lilius, Olof Stenhammar, Lars Söderberg and Sven Söderberg. Ratos´ current strategy and direction remains valid. The redemption program remains unchanged in accordance with the prior decisions of the Board. Stockholm, June 2, 1998 BOARD OF DIRECTORS For further information, contact Olof Stenhammar, +46 8 700 1700, +46 70 552 5210. tfn 08-700 17 00 eller 070-552 52 10.