The Autumn Salon at Fotografiska - with nature lurking in

The Autumn Salon

6 October – 3 December 2017

Nature in all its forms and shapes, in more or less natural contexts, is omnipresent in this year’s Autumn Salon at Fotografiska. Be it a tiny flower on the chest of a woman dressed up as Abba’s Agnetha, climbing plant prints in stark Stockholm underground stations of the blue line, mysterious micro/max billowing expanses (which turn out to be a skateboard ramp), bathtime ducks at a pool party or insects and animals – they all point to a renascent awareness of our relationship to nature. In a time when the concept of “climate change” has been banned by the highest level in the western world, one may, possibly, discern a dawning collective realisation that our symbiosis with the environment has resulted in raised sea levels that threaten to engulf entire countries...

The Autumn Salon at Fotografiska is the largest juried exhibition of Swedish photography. It is a tribute to Sweden’s photographers, established as well as amateurs, open to everyone who resides in Sweden. This is the fourth edition of Fotografiska’s Autumn Salon, which showcases Swedish photography as its best.

Fotografiska’s Autumn Salon has established itself as a tradition that holds up a mirror to our times. With its wealth of expressions, emotions and techniques, the exhibition captures the Zeitgeist and presents a kind of collective, subconscious reflection of contemporary currents, comprising everything from personal photographic projects developed over time, to professional photographers who use the camera as a tool in their artistic practices. This year nature takes a front seat. However, there is no theme to relate to and photographers are free to submit any type of work and neither does the jury make any interpretation of the submissions; this Fotografiska’s remit when the final selection has been presented, and al is for sale.

“By providing this annual space for Swedish photography we wish to inspire photographers from all over the country to show their works”, says Jan Broman, co-founder (with his brother Per) of Fotografiska and initiator of the Autumn Salon.

A jury of experts has reviewed the 1678 submitted photographs and selected 31 photographers.

“Photography is a natural part of contemporary art and we see an increased number of narrative works that address topical social issues. The Autumn Salon presents documentary as well as staged expressions, often from situations and occasions that provoke recognition and raise questions,” Jan Broman explains.

This year’s jury:

Anette Nantell, photographer, Dagens Nyheter

Dr Patrik Steorn, Museum Director, Thielska Galleriet

Helene Schmitz, photographer

Johan Vikner, Exhibition Manager, Fotografiska


About Us

Fotografiska Stockholm is not only the world’s most esteemed museum dedicated to the world of photography. The concept also contains an internationally awarded restaurant elected “the Museum Restaurant of the Year 2017”, as well as inspiring event spaces, an acclaimed academy and a shop featuring an extensive selection of photographic books.With a great network of world-class photographers at the core, Fotografiska Stockholm has since the opening hosted more than 170 exhibitions, including the work of iconic masters such as Annie Leibovitz, David LaChapelle, Irving Penn, Helmut Newton, Sarah Moon, Nick Brandt and Andres Serrano, as well as up-and-coming young photographers. By taking a stand in controversial issues and stretching their responsibility far beyond the realm of traditional art institutions, Fotografiska has a history of acting as an influencer, playing an active role in the Swedish society. The purpose is simple, to use the power of photography to unite, spread awareness and create positive impact. To inspire a more conscious world.Initially opened in Stockholm in 2010 the Fotografiska family is now growing and are expanding to Whitechapel in London and Park Avenue in New York. Taking on these prime locations Fotografiska aims to redefine the traditional museum experience by creating urban meeting places where global citizens are invited to dwell, get inspired, question the taken-for-granted and grow as individuals.




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