Fouriertransform invests in Lamera AB, a cutting-edge Gothenburg-based technology company in lightweight materials

Following the transaction Fouriertransform will own 27 percent of Lamera and the current main shareholder, Midroc New Technology, will retain a 27 percent holding.

“Companies like Lamera with their cutting-edge technology within the Cleantech and lightweight materials sector are important for the development of the Swedish industry. The use of lightweight materials will grow significantly over the next 20 years as the need to lower both CO2emissions and transportation costs will increase. With Lamera’s Hybrix product, customers who demand high performance lightweight materials and flexible solutions can substitute regular stainless steel, carbon steel or aluminum sheet metal with Hybrix to make valuable weight and cost savings. As a long-term, financially strong and active owner, we can support Lamera’s continued expansion,” says Per Nordberg, CEO of Fouriertransform.

For the past decade Lamera has developed and improved an idea originating from Volvo into a commercially viable product. It is based on a cutting-edge technology and the result is a unique, patented and moldable composite (a so-called sandwich material) that weighs approximately 50 percent less than conventional sheet metal but has the same rigidity. From a life cycle perspective the Hybrix product has 16 percent less negative impact than stainless steel and aluminum and 40 percent less compared to copper. Lamera’s team has recently succeeded in substantially lowering manufacturing costs, providing the company with an excellent opportunity to introduce Hybrix into a variety of new markets where superior performance as well as price are important factors. As part of Lamera’s commercialization process and in order to meet increasing customer demand, the company now needs to invest in a new industrial production line and additional sales activities to ensure further growth for its products.

“Lamera is now in a stable position and ready for continued growth. We are very happy to have Fouriertransform as a new partner. Stable ownership and an owner with a long-term perspective and industrial expertise will give Lamera the best possible opportunity for continued expansion. Our vision is to revolutionize the steel industry, just like chipboard once revolutionized the wood processing industry. We aim to become one of the world leaders in ultra-light metal composites,” says Bengt Nilsson, CEO of Lamera. 

For further information:

Erik Sterner, Investment Director, Fouriertransform AB, tel. +46 708 433 335

Bengt Nilsson, CEO, Lamera AB, tel. +46 738 53 65 08

Fouriertransform is a state-owned venture capital company tasked with supporting, on a commercial basis, innovative companies and entrepreneurs who can help revitalize the Swedish manufacturing industry. The company has a total investment framework of SEK 3 billion and, in addition to capital, provides expertise through its highly qualified employees and a network of experts.


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