Bredbandsbolaget new major client for Framtidsfabriken

Bredbandsbolaget new major client for Framtidsfabriken This weekend Framtidsfabriken signed a long-term contract with Bredbandsbolaget. The agreement, which concerns development of interactive broadband services, is expected to generate approximately SEK 10 million in the second half of 1999. "Everything that's narrowband today will be broadband by tomorrow. The agreement therefor gives Framtidsfabriken a strategic head start in terms of developing tomorrow's broadband services", says Jonas Birgersson, CEO of Framtidsfabriken. The improved infrastructure provided by a broadband network opens up the possibility of entirely new types of services. Internet users today normally use a modem providing connection speeds of 56 kbit/s. Bredbandsbolaget offers 10Mbit/s, an almost 200 times faster connection speed which for example makes the distribution of live video possible. In Sweden, development of interactive services are separated from broadband development, and there is consequently a lack of players with the necessary competence to develop interactive broadband services. 'We need a supplier who has both cutting-edge technical competence and large resources", says Jan Nilsson, CEO of Bredbandsbolaget. "Bredbandsbolaget will be a demanding client who will challenge our competence and continually spur us on to new achievements", continues Jonas Birgersson. For more information contact: Jonas Birgersson, CEO Framtidsfabriken, 046-286 33 03, Jan Nilsson, CEO Bredbandsbolaget, 0709-41 21 26, Internet: and Framtidsfabriken's business concept is to increase its clients' competitive strength and create new business opportunities in the growing network economy by producing digital and interactive services. Framtidsfabriken currently consists of 360 co-workers spread over ten offices situated in Gothenburg, Copenhagen, London, Lund, Malmö and Stockholm. Framtidsfabriken is a general contractor for Internet services to Volvo Car Corporation, Vattenfall, IKEA and Electrolux. Other clients include Astra, GE Capital, the SAAB Group, Tele Danmark and Unibank. Framtidsfabriken holds 20% of the shares in Bredbandsbolaget. ------------------------------------------------------------ Please visit for further information The following files are available for download: