Clarification regarding Framtidsfabriken€s relation to Boxman

Clarification regarding Framtidsfabriken's relation to Boxman With regard to today's article in Computer Sweden, Framtidsfabriken wishes to make the following clarifications: Framtidsfabriken developed Boxman's current Nordic system during four weeks in November 1997. The most important aspect for Boxman was that the system should be up and running for the Christmas shopping season. When Boxman changed its CEO in May 1998, the new CEO selected IBM for Boxman's European expansion. Boxman has on several occasions commented that it is Framtidsfabriken's rapid development that has enabled Boxman's rapid expansion in the Nordic Countries. The reason for Boxman's migration to IBM's platform is a wish to have the same system in the Nordic Countries as in the rest of Europe. Boxman states that they are very satisfied with the system that Framtidsfabriken has developed. After Boxman's choice of IBM as supplier, Framtidsfabriken has continued to maintain the delivered system. Framtidsfabriken has only had one person working on the Boxman account since the end of the year and the invoicing has been negligible. Boxman's choice of supplier will therefore not change Framtidsfabriken's current revenues, profitability or growth rate. For more information, please contact: Martin Anderlind, Market Communication, +46 70-658 8542,, Mattias Söderhielm, +46 70-94 121 12,, Framtidsfabriken's business concept is to develop new business for the evolving network economy through strategic consulting and digital services. Framtidsfabriken today has 470 employees in 14 offices located in Gothenburg, Copenhagen, Linköping, London, Lund, Malmö, Paris and Stockholm. Framtidsfabriken is the general supplier for Internet services for the Volvo Car Corporation, Volvo Group, Vattenfall, IKEA and Electrolux. Other customers include AstraZeneca, GE Capital, the SAAB group, Tele Danmark and Unibank. ------------------------------------------------------------ Please visit for further information The following files are available for download: