Framtidsfabriken initiates strategic collaboration with Ericsson and Bredbandsbolaget

Framtidsfabriken initiates strategic collaboration with Ericsson and Bredbandsbolaget Today, Framtidsfabriken, Ericsson and Bredbandsbolaget will sign a letter of intent concerning development of local broadband networks. Framtidsfabriken's part of the agreement will be to develop new broadband services for Bredbandsbolaget and Ericsson. At the same time, Ericsson will become the main supplier to Bredbandsbolaget. The breakthrough of broadband technology will make entirely new demands on today's Internet services and open the way to significant commercial opportunities. In addition, the more than hundredfold increase in speed and a fixed, low price will make room for entirely new services. As an example, it will be feasible to have a continuous connection with transmission of moving images and telephone service at no extra cost. "We are pleased to have Bredbandsbolaget as a client. We especially welcome the new type of demands that broadband technology places on us as a supplier of products and services. It will help us to enhance our offering even more. Our objective is to be a leading system supplier in the evolving market for home-based broadband communications", says Per-Olof Sjöberg, General Manager, Local Communication Systems at Ericsson. "This is larger than the cell phone breakthrough, both for Sweden as a nation and for the companies involved. With this collaboration we are creating the foundation for the world's first large-scale broadband network. Our goal is to give everybody access to the latest technology at a fixed price which is lower than the cost of regular telephone service", says Jonas Birgersson, CEO of Framtidsfabriken. "Now Bredbandsbolaget can offer all Swedish households a LAN-Ethernet/Opto- solution that carries at least 10 Mbit/s and is a future safe network, fully in line with the rapid pace of technical evolution", says Jan Nilsson, CEO Bredbandsbolaget. Framtidsfabriken, Ericsson and Bredbandsbolaget will collaborate on developing the international market for local broadband networks. For additional information please contact: Jonas Birgersson, VD Framtidsfabriken, +46 (0)46-286 33 03, Jan Nilsson, VD Bredbandsbolaget, +46 (0)709-41 21 26, Johan Wiklund, Ericsson Corporate Communications, +46 (0)70-560 01 34, Framtidsfabriken's business concept is to create new business for the evolving network economy through digital and interactive services. Framtidsfabriken today has 360 employees divided over ten offices located in Gothenburg, Copenhagen, London, Lund, Malmö and Stockholm. Framtidsfabriken is the general supplier of Internet services to Volvo Car Corporation, the National Power Administration, IKEA and Electrolux. Among our other clients are Astra, GE Capital, the SAAB Group, Tele Danmark and Unibank. ------------------------------------------------------------ Please visit for further information The following files are available for download: