Statement clarifying the terms of the sale of Framtidsfabriken€s share in Bredbandsbolaget

Statement clarifying the terms of the sale of Framtidsfabriken's share in Bredbandsbolaget Stockholm, September 7, 1999 Part of the agreement is an additional purchase price payment, which is mentioned in Framtidsfabriken's IPO prospectus. It entitles Framtidsfabriken to a percentage of Bredbandsbolaget's revenues during the next ten years. At the same time, Framtidsfabriken would like to emphasise that these revenues are very uncertain, as Bredbandsbolaget is a high-risk project on a very competitive market. Bredbandbolaget is a result of the fact that Framtidsfabriken manages so- called "incubator projects" and create business activities surrounding these. In light of Framtidsfabriken's IPO and the fusion with Netsolutions it became desirable to create a pure consultancy business. Bredbandsbolaget was and is still a high-risk project, which will require large capital investments during the next few years. An additional purchase price payment is included in the agreement between Framtidsfabriken and Bredbandsbolaget (as mentioned in the introductory prospectus). This entitles Framtidsfabriken to a percentage of Bredbandsbolaget's revenue for ten years. The additional purchase price payment is based on sliding scale which gives 2% of revenues up to SEK 1 billion, 1,5% of revenues between SEK 1 and 3 billion and 1% of revenues over SEK 3 billion. Framtidsfabriken emphasises that future revenue from Bredbandsbolaget is highly uncertain. The additional purchase price payment is received in the form of a note of escrow until Bredbandsbolaget is floated or another strategic agreement is reached. Framtidsfabriken, as well as the other shareholders, have a contractual right to convert the agreement regarding additional purchase price payment into shares of Bredbandsbolaget. Framtidsfabriken today holds 8.2% of Bredbandsbolaget shares. For more information, contact: Johan Haeggman, chief financial officer, +46 8 20 28 90, Framtidsfabriken's business concept is to develop new business for the evolving network economy through strategic consultancy and digital services. Framtidsfabriken today has 470 employees in 11 offices located in Gothenburg, Copenhagen, Linköping, London, Lund, Malmö, Paris and Stockholm. Framtidsfabriken is the general supplier for Internet services for the Volvo Car Corporation, Vattenfall, IKEA and Electrolux. Other customers include AstraZeneca, GE Capital, the SAAB group, Tele Danmark and Unibank. ------------------------------------------------------------ Please visit for further information The following files are available for download: