Arizona Legislators Support Fred DuVal

Phoenix - Eight Arizona legislators joined Fred DuVal's exploratory committee today, as the business and education leader continues to test the waters for a run for Governor next year. Hailing from Phoenix, Tucson and Window Rock, the men and women in this group demonstrate great leadership and experience in their own right, with backgrounds in education, business, and social work.

"Our state faces big challenges--rebuilding our middle class, providing for our elders and preparing a future that will make our children want to settle here in Arizona instead of striking out to find jobs elsewhere," said Senator Leah Landrum Taylor, who leads Arizona Democrats in the State Senate. "Fred DuVal has the vision and the leadership ability to move Arizona past our polarized politics and get Arizona back on track toward achievement. With the right leadership we can do big things. I'm excited to join Fred's team."

"I am grateful for the support of some of our state's strongest voices," said DuVal.  "These leaders represent their communities in the legislature because of what they already accomplished in our kids' classrooms, our small businesses and our universities. I am proud to have them on my exploratory committee as I build a statewide network of Arizonans committed to our children's future."

The Arizona legislators endorsing DuVal today include:

Senate Democratic Leader Leah Landrum Taylor, Phoenix

Senator Olivia Cajero Bedford, Tucson

Senate Democratic Assistant Leader Linda Lopez, Tucson

Senator Jack Jackson, Jr., Window Rock

Senator Steve Gallardo, Phoenix

Senator David Bradley, Tucson

Representative Debbie McCune Davis, Phoenix

Representative Macario Saldate, Tucson

DuVal's exploratory committee, chaired by Phoenix Councilman and firefighter Daniel Valenzuela, announced a group of statewide co-chairs last week.


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Fred DuVal is a business and education leader from Phoenix Arizona. He has held leadership positions in the Arizona Governor's Office, the White House, Arizona's public university system and in the private sector where he was credited with solving big problems for middle class families. Fred graduated from Tucson High School. He received a B.A. from Occidental College and received a degree in law from Arizona State University. He is married to Jennifer Hecker DuVal and has two sons.



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Nine Arizona legislators joined Fred DuVal's exploratory committee today.
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