Cafeteria, conferences and banqueting: FRIMA has all degrees of university catering covered

TUCO Conference, Imperial College, London. 20th – 22nd July 2015

University kitchens need equipment that can adapt to varying demand and varying menus, often in kitchens where space is tight. At TUCO 2015 FRIMA will be showing how the multifunctional VarioCooking Center Multificiency can offer university chefs the versatility to produce student cafeteria-type meals, conference catering and banqueting, all in the one unit.

On the FRIMA stand will be the VarioCooking Center Multificiency 211+, a bulk-cooking expert. The 211+ offers a completely reliable and accurate way to pressure cook, doing it faster and more consistently than most dedicated units and without any need for monitoring. It is also excellent for long, slow, overnight cooking. For those needing equipment on an even larger scale, FRIMA also has the VarioCooking Center 311, which has a single 150 litre pan.

Also on the stand will be the latest 112T unit. The 112T is perfect for small kitchens as it can be sited wherever it’s needed, even on a countertop. Despite measuring just 962mm wide by 800mm deep and 400mm high, it has two 14 litre pans, giving the capacity to cook high volumes of food fast.

Chefs can use the 112T to boil, poach, shallow fry and deep fry, precisely and easily, with perfect results. It also gives the opportunity to reduce manual handling and the washing of heavy pots, which is great news for the catering staff!

The multifunctionality of the VarioCooking Center makes it ideal for the changing demands of university catering. A multifunctional unit will not stand idle and takes up far less space than separate pieces of equipment and, because you are investing in only one piece of equipment rather than several, it reduces capital outlay, too.

A FRIMA VarioCooking Center can cook a multitude of dishes including pasta, rice, sauces, casseroles, curries, omelettes, pancakes, porridge and custard. It can even be used as a deep fat fryer. Not only that but it’s also up to four times as fast, and uses up to 40 per cent less energy, than conventional cooking appliances.

“We use the FRIMAs for a wide range of jobs in the kitchen, from bulk cooking of stews to sous vide,” says Chris Simms, executive head chef at Christ Church College. “The sous vide has been a bit of a bonus we didn’t expect. It’s the FRIMA’s precise temperature control that makes it so good for this type of cooking.”

“We really make use of the fact that it cooks fast,” he says. “We can pressure cook whole joints to speed up our production. We’ve even cooked octopus this way without turning it rubbery!”

The VarioCooking Center features a patented Varioboost® heating system which evenly and quickly heats the base of the pan, without heating the sides, so there is no scorching or sticking. The fast searing action reduces seepage, cutting the use of raw ingredients by up to 20%, and water consumption is cut by 70%.

FRIMA’s VarioCooking Center Multificiency units have been independently tested and certified by the European-based HKI cert and the energy consumption figures uploaded to the HKI CERT database. It ensures that those buying or specifying modern kitchen technology have access to comparative energy usage figures that are based on set guidelines, which can help them make informed buying choices.

FRIMA representatives will be available on the stand to answer any questions.

For information and brochures, or to come to a free Cooking Live demonstration, call FRIMA UK on 0845 680 3981, email or visit

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