FRIMA launches new Dynamic VarioCooking Center

New option allows VarioCooking Center to operate with reduced power

Some commercial kitchens have restricted power supplies, which can cause issues with heavy duty equipment. Now FRIMA has launched Dynamic, an option for its market leading VarioCooking Center multifunctional cooking appliance. It reduces the unit’s connected load with only minimal impact on performance.

The Dynamic option carefully optimises power usage. It is available for all models in the VarioCooking Center range, and allows them to operate with a significantly lower wattage than standard versions.

All models in the VarioCooking Center range use the patented VarioBoost heating system, which allows for fast and precise control over the temperature. Despite the precise optimisation of power usage with the Dynamic version, pre-heating times are only extended by thirty seconds for frying, and by up to two and a half minutes for boiling. This still makes the FRIMA up to four times faster than comparable conventional appliances.

A VarioCooking Center can replace many cooking appliances, from kettles, large pots and bratt pans to fryers and griddles. The new Dynamic option will allow more kitchens to benefit from the FRIMA’s flexibility, multi-functionality, speed of cooking and energy savings.

The VarioCooking Center complies with standards set by the HKI Certification energy efficiency database. This initiative, run by the German Industrial Association for House, Heating and Kitchen Technology, provides equipment buyers with unbiased comparative energy consumption information. HKI database figures are based on a series of German standards, DIN 18873, relating specifically to the energy use of equipment for commercial kitchens.

The Dynamic option is available at no extra charge on any of the VarioCooking Center range.

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FRIMA Dynamic – Jun-15

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The VarioCooking Center® Multificiency® from Frima delivers the latest cooking technology into the kitchen to assist the chefs and help them cope with their ever increasing challenges. Modern kitchens no longer require the old inefficient conventional appliances like six ring burners, fryers, bratt pans and griddles. The VarioCookingCenter® Multificiency® does all the work they used to and more, in less space, less time and using less energy. With its easy to use control panel the Frima not only cooks up to four times faster than conventional appliances, but also delivers great savings – up to 40% lower energy and water consumption, less food shrinkage and lower fat consumption – leading to higher profitability on food sales. The Frima VarioCooking Center® Multificiency® is the future of modern cooking.