BlueLabs develops wireless technology for transmission of biological signals

BlueLabs develops wireless technology for transmission of biological signals Bluetooth technology can now be used to transmit signals from man to machine. BlueLabs (formerly Frontec Teknik) has developed a solution that allows biological signals to be transmitted without having to attach sensors to the body; instead, wireless technology is used to send information on functions such as breathing and pulse. This technology, which was commissioned by Biosys, has uses in safety solutions in cars as well as in health care and industry. Biosys' system Biodrow measures human biological signals such as heart activity, movement and respiration using sensors built into a chair. BlueLabs has now developed a wireless link that transmits this information to a computer for further processing. One concrete application of the system is in a "slumber warning" in vehicles, to warn a driver that he is going to sleep and wake him up. "The project is one of the first to combine Bluetooth with advanced medical technology. It is also a striking example of how intelligent communication - BlueLabs' focal area - can result in concrete solutions for the end-user," says Otto Lilja of BlueLabs. "We chose BlueLabs as our co-operation partner in the project because of the company's high level of competence and innovation. BlueLabs is in the vanguard of Bluetooth technology and this, combined with our knowledge of medical technology, was one of the factors in the project's success," says Olle Magnusson, President of Biosys. Demo equipment will be on show to the public for the first time on BlueLabs' stand at the Components & Electronics Production fair in Gothenburg, which runs from 5 to 9 September 2000 (stand B3:59). BlueLabs is an Ericsson-certified Bluetooth Solution Provider. More information: Otto Lilja, Bluetooth Business Manager, BlueLabs. Tel. +46 31 70710 65. Anne-Marie Fransson, Communications Manager, BlueLabs. Tel. +46 708 317 660. Olle Magnusson, President, Biosys. Tel. +46 31 89 12 49. BlueLabs is a high-tech company focusing on intelligent communication. We supply top-level competence for applications within the areas of mobile IT, advanced telecoms, intelligent vehicles and intelligent homes. BlueLabs develops technically creative and advanced solutions within intelligent communication, strengthening the innovativeness of our clients and allowing them to develop their business further. BlueLabs has around 300 employees at offices in Gothenburg, Linköping, Luleå, Pajala and Stockholm and is part of the Frontec Group. Separate listing of the company's shares on the OM Stockholm Exchange is planned. Biosys AB (publ.) is a subsidiary of Ortivus AB (publ.), which is listed on the Stockholm Exchange. ------------------------------------------------------------ This information was brought to you by BIT The following files are available for download: