Notice of Extraordinary General Meeting of Frontec AB (publ)

Notice of Extraordinary General Meeting of Frontec AB (publ) The shareholders of Frontec AB (publ) are hereby given notice of an Extraordinary General Meeting to be held on Monday, June 25, 2001 at 3:00 p.m. (Swedish time) at Gårdsvägen 7 in Solna. Notification of attendance. Shareholders who wish to attend the Extraordinary General Meeting must be recorded in the shareholders' register maintained by VPC AB (the Swedish Securities Register Center) on June 15, 2001 and must notify the company by Wednesday, June 20, 2001 at 12:00 noon. Notification of attendance must be submitted in writing to Frontec AB (publ), Rissneleden 136, SE-174 57 Sundbyberg, Sweden, by telephone +46- 8-733 74 00 or by fax +46-8-733 75 81. Please indicate your name, address, telephone number and personal or corporate identification number. Shareholders represented by proxy must submit a power of attorney together with their notification. Those representing a legal entity must provide a copy of a certified registration certificate or other document attesting to the authority of the signatory. To vote at the Meeting, shareholders whose shares are nominee-registered must request that they be temporarily re-entered in their own names in the shareholders register with VPC. Shareholders who wish to request a re-registration should advise their nominees well in advance of June 15, 2001. PROPOSED AGENDA 1. Election of a chairman of the Meeting. 2. Preparation and approval of the voting list. 3. Election of one or two person to attest to the minutes. 4. Approval of the agenda. 5. Determination whether the Meeting was duly convened. 6. The Board of Directors' proposed amendment to the Articles of Association. 7. The Board of Directors' proposal for a resolution to amend the allocation principles for the detachable warrants that give holders the right to subscribe for shares in the company, as approved by the Annual General Meeting on November 28, 2000. 8. Proposal for a resolution to increase the fees paid to the members of the Board of Directors. 9. Other business. 10. Adjournment of the Meeting. THE BOARD OF DIRECTORS' PROPOSED RESOLUTIONS Amendment to the Articles of Association (point 6) The Board of Directors is proposing that § 16 of the Articles of Association be amended to read as follows: "§ 16 The company's fiscal year will cover the period January 1-December 31." As a result, the current fiscal year will be extended to cover the period July 1, 2000- December 31, 2001. Proposal for a resolution to increase the fees paid to the members of the Board of Directors (point 8) The proposal on additional fees of SEK 600,000 is due to the planned extension of the fiscal year to cover 18 months. OTHER The Extraordinary General Meeting's decision on point 6 of the agenda is valid only if approved by shareholders representing at least two-thirds of the votes cast and represented at the Meeting. The decision on point 7 of the agenda requires the approval of shareholders with at least nine- tenths of the votes cast and represented at the Meeting. The Board of Directors' complete proposal will be made available at the company's offices at least one (1) week prior to the Meeting and will be sent to shareholders upon request. For further information, please contact: Carl-Erland Schröder, Public Relations Director, Telephone +46 8 733 7509. ------------------------------------------------------------ This information was brought to you by Waymaker The following files are available for download: