On-line Shopping Solution for School Summer Holidays With New App From Frootfal.co.uk

The long school summer holiday presents a real dilemma for many parents - how can they keep their children entertained on a tight budget?   Theme park entry for four can be over £100, and even train tickets to the seaside or London can cost as much as a weekly shop. A solution?  Take advantage of the best cash-back deals online.  How?  With the brand new app from Frootfal.

It’s free and super easy to use.   From tickets to swim wear, paddling pools to sports equipment, the clever little app does all the searching for you, and shows you the very best cash-back offers around. This means you could get back a good proportion your original spend. And all in a completely secure system that takes you only to verified merchants.

The app can be downloaded completely free of charge from the brand new site, Frootfal.co.uk. And there’s no membership fee. Frootfal’s uniquely clever technology is the solution millions of cash-back site users have been waiting for.   


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Frootfal Explained in Depth…

Frootfal is delivering an innovative new search based, on-line shopping service delivered via a non-intrusive “app” resident on any PC’s with other on-line devices to follow.   This service searches a real-time deal database that normal search engines do not access and only provides relevant offers from safe and secure merchants.  The commission paid to Frootfal for sales made through the App is returned in large part to its members (the shopper) as either cash back or other member benefit; the retained portion being its operating margin which is shared with its distribution or download partner.

How do the existing cash-back systems work?

More than £25 billion was spent on-line shopping in the last year in the UK alone and over 80% of these purchases resulted in someone receiving a commission payment.

The concept of on-line cash-back is to take the commission earned by the buyer’s referrer (Google in most cases, but any other web site that refers users to a buying web site) and pay the commission, or a part of it, back to the buyer as cash-back.

Today the standard business model for cash-back websites requires their users to subscribe, then to be proactive and remember to return to that  website each time they shop on-line.

Frequently the cash-back websites do not have a relevant offer for the specific product or service that the user is looking for, which can make the experience time consuming and un-rewarding. As a result users often become disappointed in the cash-back website and either forget or make a decision not to visit it when they are shopping on-line.

Because the standard cash-back website business model relies heavily on a high user return rate the operators have to send periodic blizzards of emails to their registered users enticing them to return. These emails typically promote specific products or services, only a small percentage of which will ever be relevant to any particular user. 

In summary, the existing website cash-back proposition is a good idea, however the way the way such sites have to operate makes them intrusive, time consuming, often irrelevant, and expensive to run due to the cost of promotion..It doesn’t work very well for the user

But now there is a much better solution.

So, what is Frootfal?

Frootfal was developed precisely to addresses those shortcomings..Frootfal provides a low intrusion, automatic, passive mechanism for earning cash-back in a safe and secure environment.

We have focused on creating a cash-back operation that is automatic and passive for our members; we do not require them to change their normal shopping behaviour – they don’t have to remember to go to another website before searching for products or services to buy, for one example – and unlike standard cash-back sites, Frootfal provides unbiased search results.

Frootfal is an "app", which resides on the member’s PC (or other connected device) and automatically monitors browser search activity.  Every time a member searches for a product or service, we automatically search our extensive database of deals and offers and only if we find a match, do we show a pop up with the offer(s).

No match? No pop-up. No intrusion. That way, our offers are always relevant to the member’s search.

If our member wishes to take advantage of one of the offers they simply click on the preferred offer and are taken straight to the vendor to complete the transaction. 

All offers are validated by our staff who review the merchant’s sites and adverts to ensure that they are accurate, trusted and secure.

Now we are developing a whole new set of vertical search platforms across all connected devices which will allow our members to automatically earn cash-back whether shopping from their PC, tablet or Smartphone.

Frootfal roll-out plans

Frootfal launches in the UK in May 2012.

We will launch in the USA in Q3 2012




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The app can be downloaded completely free of charge from the brand new site, Frootfal.co.uk. And there’s no membership fee. Frootfal’s uniquely clever technology is the solution millions of cash-back site users have been waiting for.
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