Danish municipality has chosen Mandator's project management tool

The new Danish municipality of Guldborgsund has chosen CENIT from Mandator to manage all construction and management tasks.

In January 2007, the Danish municipalities were restructured. The number was reduced from 271 to 98. One of the new municipalities is Guldborgsund, which has 64,000 inhabitants.

"For several years before the structural reform, we were looking for an IT tool that could help us manage time, resources and finances in our management and construction projects," says Christian Refstrup, Contractor Manager, Municipality of Guldborgsund. "However, until now it has been impossible for us to find a solution that could handle all the elements."

"With CENIT we get a tool that can ensure that we use our employees, resources and money optimally. In this way, we can optimise our budgets and ensure the most rational flow of work and a high service level for the department," explains Christian Refstrup.

"Guldborgsund is the first municipality in Denmark to choose CENIT, but we hope that more will start using it shortly. Clearly there is a demand here that needs to be met," concludes Anders Mortensen, Mandator Denmark.

CENIT is a completely modular project management tool, intended primarily for large and medium-sized companies that run all or part of their business in project form.

For more information, please contact:
Anders Mortensen, Unit Manager, Mandator Denmark. Tel +45 702 310 08
Anders Velander, Sales Manager, Mandator. Tel +46 8 402 31 22