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    Within the first year, we want to show the most innovative startups with great potential, which are ready to expand globally. We want to build a bridge between the experienced Swedish investment market and Polish startups and investors.
    Maciej Gajewski, CEO and co-founder of FundedByMe Poland
    We believe in cross-border investments helping innovative startups expand across all borders more easily. Polish entrepreneurs have a reputation of being diligent, meticulous and executive.
    Lovisa Strömsholm, Responsible for Investor Relations and International Growth
    Laika Consulting was one of the first companies in Sweden to work with crowdfunding when we established the brand in 2004. I look forward to follow the company's growth closely. A combination of Laika's expertise in listed companies, together with FundedByMe with its international and digital presence, can create new opportunities for growth.
    Ingmar Rentzhog, Laika Consulting's founder and previous CEO
    Laika is a particularly well-managed company that we have partnered with since 2012 and we have seen over the years that we have similar ambitions, visions and attitudes; namely to improve and change parts of the old inefficient financial world. In our company's growth, we look at this acquisition as a very interesting step, and we estimate that the consolidation will be beneficial and feasible and lead to synergies that can be measured through cash flow, efficiency and growth.
    Daniel Daboczy CEO and co-founder at FundedByMe.
    The aim of our platform is to connect individual investors and entrepreneurs. In Poland, we are looking for the most innovative startups that are targeting international markets and seeking to raise €100,000 to €900,000 in Sweden and other countries. We are going to help Polish companies reach the Nordic market, as well as build the community of individual investors in Poland and connect them with the Scandinavian ones
    CEO FundedByMe Poland Maciej Gajewski
    I think this sounds silly to say but crowdfunding is a dream coming true to me! When we presented this project almost three years ago to the investors and the group of people involved, we had, on the last page of the agenda: when we reach a certain level, we're gonna go on a crowdfunding campaign to build true ambassadors, people who love the project, so that we can find people to talk about us, because if people are engaged financially and product-wise and in the concept, they're gonna talk about us - they're gonna be our missionaries out, so this is a huge day, and the fact that we can get this going
    Mikael Söderlindh, co-founder of The Cords & Co.
    We are very proud to present this unique opportunity together with The Cords & Co. With the awesome journey they have behind Happy Socks, it will be exciting to follow their new venture. With crowdfunding we are convinced that the opportunities for establishing passionate brand ambassadors will increase.
    Joachim Dworén, Sales Manager at FundedByMe
    It's good to finally have the Ministry of Finance's proposal written down on 549 pages, where they clearly take a stand on crowdfunding. The ministry also see community benefits with crowdfunding and wants to strengthen its marketplace, something that is very good for FundedByMe. Of course, the challenge is to see how quickly the proposal can go to referral, taking into account the newly proposed EU regulations. FundedByMe has been self-regulated in the last 5 years and now we can deal with very clear directives. We are very pleased that the report has been presented and it is seen as beneficial for our business.
    Daniel Daboczy, CEO and co-founder of FundedByMe.
    It was also of value to hear the Minister of Financial Markets raise the value of crowdfunding at a time when more entrepreneurs seek crowdfunding as a financial option. The low interest rate has furthermore contributed to a high increase of private individuals looking for alternative investments in startups,
    Michaela Berglund, CMO, FundedByMe.
    Never in our wild dreams could we have imagined we would reach these numbers. Given that it took us a whole year to raise the first million, it's humbling and amazing to see the execution of our team, network and technology that we’ve built. This is still just the beginning of our journey that changes and improves the financial world and reaching this number motivates us even more to work even harder
    co-founder and CEO Daniel Daboczy
    I am overwhelmed and proud of what we have achieved as a team in recent years. Fintech with scalable global technology enables more people to gain access to capital. It offers a large group of people opportunities to look at and consider whether they want to be a part of entrepreneurs journeys.
    Arno Smit, co-founder of FundedByMe
    FundedByMe offers something new to private investors and the 500 million raised show that it is a high demand for our services. FundedByMe is a pioneer, which gives the company a unique position, but also an obligation to be responsibly shape the future market for unlisted companies. We want to make investing in unlisted companies an option for everyone, in other words, available to both women and men in a wide range of ages. We already see that female entrepreneurs and investors dare to take more space with us than in other traditional financial investments
    Michaela Berglund, CMO FundedByMe
    We have a disruptive approach to everything we do and besides raising funds for our journey ahead, we also see crowdfunding as an opportunity to grow our business by engaging with passionate people who truly believe in our mission and wants to be part of our community. We believe that is the only way to build brands these days. You cannot do it all on your own. You need to create lasting relationships with people who are as passionate about your brand as you are, who can be fully committed brand ambassadors. By giving corduroy enthusiasts worldwide a possibility to own a piece of cords and become a part of The Cords & Co family, there are no limitations to what we can achieve. We will build this brand together
    Mikael Söderlindh Co-Founder and initiator of The Cords & Co
    The team behind this company are an inspiration for many of us on how to build greatness out of great ideas. We hope that many of our members will join the prominent investors on the path ahead on something that has enormous potential to become The Next Big Thing.
    Daniel Daboczy, CEO FundedByMe
    I can announce that in Paradiset we have 69% female owners. / proud minority.
    Johannes Cullberg, founder of the Paradiset Food Market
    We originally built FundedByMe to ensure that good entrepreneurs, who are not necessarily stereotypes such as women, would also have access to a stable and healthy source of funding. What drives me forward is mainly when I see that my daughter, despite being born in one of the world's most modernised countries, will not have the same access to capital if she chooses to become an entrepreneur.
    Daniel Daboczy, co-founder and CEO FundedByMe
    We see that women invest more heavily than previously in unlisted companies. By 2016, 22% of investors were women and by 2017, it has grown to be 27% of investors. Our goal is to irrespective of gender, engage all Swedes to look at unlisted companies as the gold mine that could potentially be. For both entrepreneurs and investors, nationally and internationally.
    Michaela Berglund, CMO FundedByMe.
    For us, this is really interesting, partly because we stubbornly believe in the digital transformation of health care, but also for the incredibly exciting data collection we can do. When the service scales in terms of users, we will be able to track how the most common diseases are spread and in real time be able to tell how to avoid getting infected. This will provide us with the tools needed for achieving Qurant's vision of reducing sick leave by 50%.
    Viktor Lundqvist, CEO and founder of Nordic Tech House
    We share the philosophy behind Isabella Löwengrip's Nordic Tech House and have been looking forward to present the first case together. The team behind Qurant operates in a very exciting market with high potential for growth, one that is also in need of innovation. This is the first partnership of many between Nordic Tech House and FundedByMe.
    Daniel Daboczy CEO and Founder of FundedByMe
    During our years in the industry, we have seen a clear need to change traditional occupational healthcare. Surveys show that sick leave increased during 2017 and more importantly that 40% of it can be avoided through quick access and the right targeted efforts. At the same time, 1.5 million Swedes are without occupational health care. Qurant, Sweden's first innovative digital business health, intends to take a significant part of that market.
    Maria Schützer Funk, CEO and founder of Qurant states:
    FundedByMe has often used FrontOffice as a success story to show how a smart and dynamic company can use crowdfunding to raising equity. We were part of something unique back in 2016 and we are now once again aiming for something unique in the industry. This feels wonderful and interesting.
    Daniel Daboczy, CEO, FundedByMe
    We have reached the maximum goal of 20 million SEK and we would like to thank all participants for the enormous interest, dedication and their will to invest in us. We have, of course, created a waiting list for those who didn’t make it in time. Now our work really starts and to show what we can achieve by making FundedByMe a common household name alongside a FundedByMe stock, that the general public can embrace as their own. Further on we have to focus on our international expansion and continue to capture strategic beach fronts with selected partners. This is just the beginning, we feel rejuvenated, with a motivated and hungry team, plus that we feel that we have complete support from our investors. The markets situation is very interesting and we look forward to leading the way in changing the world of finance.
    Daniel Daboczy
    We were early out in identifying the trends to what today is known as the sharing-economy and are today common strategies for all type of companies, to say: engaging and involving their owners directly. We stood by our vision and delivered on it. Not only did we create a global company, we created a whole new market segment. Coming years look very promising and we keep identifying new trends that we are acting on.
    Daniel Daboczy, CEO, FundedByMe.
    We have identified FundedByMe, the fastest-growing crowdfunding platform in the Nordics, as a strategic partner to join forces with us in the UAE to provide a platform that will empower investors and enable entrepreneurs to unleash innovation and spur growth across the region.
    Samer Toukan, managing partner, FundedByMe Dubai
    We are honoured to have been voted nr 1 and excited to be invited to pitch at the prestigious European FinTech Awards.
    Daniel Daboczy, CEO and Co-founder, FundedByMe
    Our team has always been good at identifying and acting on macro trends. We saw a paradigm shift that led a whole new group of individuals to look for new ways to invest and engage with companies. Then when we realized that crowdfunding could only work long-term if it is a global phenomenon. And now we are seeing that, from a customer perspective, consolidation of the market is necessary.
    Daniel Daboczy, CEO and co-founder, FundedByMe
    Our new partner in FundedByMe Mexico is well connected and shares our passion that every entrepreneur should have the best chance ever to become The Next Big Thing and everyone should be able to invest in that potential next Unicorn. We bring a pool of global investors to the table that are looking for exciting new opportunities to invest.
    Daniel Daboczy, CEO and co-founder, FundedByMe
    We are super excited to have two such experienced individuals joining our already experienced board. With three Johan’s (Chairman Johan Jörgenson was the first), myself and Choon-Seng Tan in Singapore comprising the FundedByMe board the future is looking global.
    Daniel Daboczy, CEO and co-founder, FundedByMe
    The traction we are seeing at this stage of the FundedByMe lifecycle is incredible – we have launched twelve new crowdfunding campaigns over the past ten days and FundedByMe is the premier destination for growing companies that are in search of funding, fans and marketing exposure!
    Daniel Daboczy, CEO and co-founder, FundedByMe
    The year has been a turnaround year for FundedByMe where we have focused on international growth and development of the product, driving sales that will take the company to break-even and future profitability.
    Daniel Daboczy, CEO and co-founder, FundedByMe
    We chose FundedByMe because we believe that the platform's global presence and previous rate in creating success stories fits well with our ambition to build a big and successful global brand where we aim to make Droshi the leading brand in drop shipping in Europe.
    Jonas Salminen, CEO, Droshi
    The extensively prepared Finnish crowdfunding act builds on existing local crowdfunding legislations in the EU and could create a benchmark for future EU crowdfunding regulations. We embrace this new law as it helps set the standard for equity crowdfunding on a global scale.
    Daniel Daboczy, CEO and co-founder, FundedByMe
    We have had a lot of feedback from our 78,000 members regarding this first version of the trading platform and will continue fine-tuning the offering to offer a product that will be used and loved by both buyers and sellers.
    Daniel Daboczy, CEO and co-founder, FundedByMe
    I am very pleased that such a professional investor like Aggregate chooses to invest in NOA as I have seen how they have contributed to the success of great companies like Mathem, Storytel, Babyshop and others. This investment enables us to increase our growth rate substantially
    Noa Fridmark, CEO and founder, NOA Potions AB
    We’ve been thinking about how to make shopping more innovative, effective and cheaper for people to start a cafe or retail in general.
    Maria De La Croix, CEO, Wheelys
    FundedByMe’s network of Asian investors has already proven to be very helpful in the growth of the IAMRUNBOX brand.
    Daniel Daboczy, CEO and co-founder, FundedByMe
    For the past six years we’ve been working hard to educate both crowd investors and entrepreneurs and it is finally starting to pay off.
    Daniel Daboczy, CEO and co-founder, FundedByMe
    Crowdfunding on FundedByMe provides our customers with three things. First, capital – that’s the main reason for selecting crowdfunding – but the marketing exposure is a vital part of the benefits we offer. Additionally, each and every shareholder that joins a new company, becomes that brand’s biggest ambassador and fan and will help using their individual skillset and network to promote and guide their investment to success.
    Daniel Daboczy, CEO and co-founder, FundedByMe
    FundedByMe is one of the few truly global crowdfunding platforms positioned as the bridge between Scandinavia and Asia as we early-on saw the trend of cross-border investments.
    Daniel Daboczy, CEO and co-founder, FundedByMe.
    The Asian region is seeing an explosion in peer-to-peer activity, particularly, and crowdfunding in general.
    Daniel Daboczy, CEO and co-founder, FundedByMe
    Uniti is pushing for change in an industry where things have been done in a certain way forever, which strongly appeals to the FundedByMe mindset of changing the status quo and allowing everyone to become a shareholder.
    Daniel Daboczy, CEO and co-founder, FundedByMe
    This is the first campaign for FundedByMe where our crowdfunding shareholders have been able to directly trade their shares on a stock exchange – and pretty much immediately were able to earn a profit from their investment. This awesome performance is further proof of the fact that equity crowdfunding is changing the finance and investment market for the better.
    Daniel Daboczy, CEO and co-founder, FundedByMe
    Crowdfunding has been a great complement to VC investment and we’ll definitely do it again as we have gained money, brand awareness and a host of international talented fans.
    Maria De La Croix, CEO and co-founder, Wheelys Café
    We are proud to see that this global concept with Scandinavian roots can help great campaigns worldwide obtain global deal flow.
    Daniel Daboczy, CEO and co-founder, FundedByMe
    With the rate of market maturation, this is very exciting for FundedByMe – but also for equity crowdfunding globally.
    Daniel Daboczy, CEO and co-founder of FundedByMe
    The best feeling in the world is to have an army of investors believing in you, helping you, opening doors for you. I love every single one of our investors and I can't believe that more entrepreneurs don't yet fully understand what an awesome force crowdfunding is,
    Daniel Daboczy, CEO and co-founder, FundedByMe
    According to Företagarna, four in five jobs in Sweden are created by entrepreneurs and it’s time for entrepreneurs in Malmö to get the support they need.
    Both the company and the market appears ready for a public listing and I believe that the visibility that comes with being listed on NGM will in turn enable us to help more customers.
    Johan Lund, Managing Director, FrontOffice Nordic AB
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