Enterprising Company Push Forward With Energy Saving Products To Stay Ahead Of The Competition In The Hand-Dryer Market

A Liverpool based company are selling a wide range of energy saving hand dryers with the aim of saving businesses money whilst helping to protect the environment.

Bremmer Hand Dryers Based in Wavertree Technology Park, Supplies range of hand dryers to major distributors UK wide. Over the last few years they have developed dryers to suit a range of needs, supplying products to high use areas including Airports, Motorway Service Stations the Hospitality Industry Offices and more. They market themselves as providing quality products with a long lifespan, at affordable prices.

Bremmer have a passion for producing and supplying products which are energy efficient, developing features which make their machines economic. The modern Bremmer AIRtwister is a blade dryer which dries hands in a matter of seconds and stops immediately when users take their hands out and the Bremmer AIRstorm is high-speed for quick drying, meaning that less energy is needed per use.

The Bremmer team commented: “Our hand dryer products are all designed with energy efficiency firmly in mind, saving you as much 90% in the equivalent cost of paper towels.”

The product developers at Bremmer Hand Dryers research current products on the market and review their existing dryers’ performances in order to create upgrades and new models. Energy efficiency is a key component in their research, as well as product durability and ease of use.

Bremmer Hand Dryers Ltd

PO Box 11

Wavertree Technology Park

Liverpool L13 1EJ


Contact: John Marshall

Email: info@bremmerhanddryers.co.uk

Telephone: 0800 7879643

About Bremmer Hand Dryers Ltd

Bremmer Hand Dryers Ltd are specialists in the washroom and hygiene industry, with over 30 years of experience. They currently supply to a number of well-known UK companies, details of which can be found on the Bremmer website. To browse their product range and make an order, visit www.bremmerhanddryers.co.uk. For specific questions, email them directly at info@bremmerhanddryers.co.uk.


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