Innovative Safety Device Provides Extended Protection For UK Homeowners

Forward thinking company provide homeowners with an edge when it comes to protecting their properties

ESSEX based innovations company 'Switched On Products' has announced the success of a revolutionary security device, designed to tip the scales in favour of homeowners when it comes to ensuring their properties remain safe and secure during 2015.

As UK front line police numbers continue to shrink in the face of austerity and government cuts, Britains' homeowners are constantly looking for ever more effective ways to protect their homes whilst away during the hours of darkness.

Most people are familiar with timer plugs and many use them to turn lamps on and off in an attempt to make their home appear occupied whilst they are away to deter would be intruders. Although many burglaries are committed on the spur of the moment, cunning burglars often look for the tale tell signs of a home lit with lamps coming on and off at the same time each day.

'Switched On Products' have designed and released the UK's first easy install automatic security light solution, which fits quickly and easily over existing wall light switches without the need for any wiring. The security device can be fitted to a 1,2 or 3 gang switch instantly and can be set to come on and off as the user needs.

In the UK, burglary statistics show on average 35-40,000 burglaries were reported in England and Wales each month during 2014. Additionally, 80% of home burglaries take place during the hours of darkness, so the Essex based company designed a solution to meet the expectations of homeowners as well as meet security industry standards 'secured by design'.

The Light Switch Timer not only provides an effective means of protecting property and dissuading criminal activity, but it also uses smart technology to ensure low energy consumption and easy DIY installation.

About Switched On products

Switched-On Products is a young, Essex-based company whose vision is to bring you great products which will genuinely help to make a difference to your life. The company are determined to bring the consumer the most innovative home security products available, at a price that’s affordable by everyone. For further information please use the contact details below or visit the official website.

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