Økokrim appeals Oslo District Court's aquittal of Ola Rollén

Rollén and his attorneys will argue strongly that the appeal shall be dismissed by the Court of Appeal.


Oslo, 23 January 2018

Økokrim has decided to appeal the Oslo District Court’s aquittal in the case regarding Ola Rollén. The District Court had ruled that Rollén did not have insider information when he in October 2015 on behalf of the investment company Greenbridge purchased stocks in the Norwegian listed company Next.

Attorneys Christian B. Hjort and Knut Bergo say they are surprised by Økokrim’s decision. In the clear verdict from the District Court, Rollén was cleared from all charges. Rollén and his attorneys will, in their response, argue strongly that the appeal should be dismissed by the Court of Appeal.

For further information, please contact attorney Christian B. Hjort, +47 91633626, cbh@hjort.no.

For further information, please contact:
Attorney Christian B. Hjort, +47 91633626, cbh@hjort.no.