Holding(s) in Company

10 March 2015   

Genel Energy plc

Genel Energy plc advises that it has received the notification set out below from O ppenheimerFunds , Inc. pursuant to DTR 5 of the FCA’s Disclosure and Transparency Rules.


For further information please contact:

Genel Energy
Sarah Robertson, Company Secretary
Phil Corbett, Head of Investor Relations
+44 20 7659 5100



1 . Identity of the issuer or the underlying issuer of existing shares to which voting rights are attached: ii G enel Energy PLC
2 Reason for the notification (please tick the appropriate box or boxes):
An acquisition or disposal of voting rights X
An acquisition or disposal of qualifying financial instruments which may result in the acquisition of shares already issued to which voting rights are attached
An acquisition or disposal of instruments with similar economic effect to qualifying financial instruments
An event changing the breakdown of voting rights
Other (please specify):
3 . Full name of person(s) subject to the notification obligation: iii O ppenheimerFunds, Inc
4 . Full name of shareholder(s) (if different from 3.): iv
5 . Date of the transaction and date on w hich the threshold is crossed or reached: v March 6, 2015
6 . Date on which issuer notified: March 9, 2015
7 . Threshold(s) that is/are crossed or reached: v i , vii 5.00% (decreased to 4.79%)
8 . Notified details: Investor Relations Contact: Genel Energy Plc 1 Grafton St City of Westminster London W 1S 4FE United Kingdom investor.relations@genelenergy.com
A : Voting rights attached to shares v iii, ix
Class/type of shares i f possible using the ISIN CODE S ituation previous t o the triggering transaction Resulting situation after the triggering transaction
Number of S hares Number of V oting Rights Number of shares Number of voting rights % of voting rights x
Direct xi Direct x i i Indirect Direct Indirect
JE 0 0 B 55 Q3P39 12 , 067 , 44 4 12 , 067 , 44 4 11 , 898 , 93 1 11 , 898 , 93 1 4 . 7 9%
B: Qualifying Financial Instruments
Resulting situation after the triggering transaction
T y pe of financial instrument E xpiration date x i ii E xercise/ Conversion Period x i v Number of voting r ights that may be acquired if the instrument is exercised/ converted. % of voting r ights
C: Financial Instruments with similar economic effect to Qualifying Financial Instruments xv , xvi
Resulting situation after the triggering transaction
T y pe of financial instrument E xercise price E xpiration date x vii E xercise/ Conversion period x viii Number of voting rights instrument refers to % of voting rights x i x , xx
Nominal Delta
Total (A+B+C)
Number of voting rights P ercentage of voting rights
11,898,931 4.79%

9 . Chain of controlled undertakings through which the voting rights and/or the financial instruments
are effectively held, if applicable:
x x i

OppenheimerFunds, Inc. (“OFI”) is a registered investment advisor with the U.S. SEC. Its ultimate parent
company, Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Company, qualifies for disaggregation under FSA regulations.
The shares of the issuer are held by investment accounts managed by OFI and its subsidiary, OFI Global Asset
Management, Inc. (“OFIG”).

Proxy Voting:
10 . Name of the proxy holder:
11 . Number of voting rights proxy holder will cease to hold:
12 . Date on which proxy holder will cease to hold voting rights:
13 . Additional information:
14 . Contact name: Debbie van der Sanden, AVP Compliance, OppenheimerFunds, Inc.
15 . Contact telephone number: 001(303) 768-5801


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