About Us

Who We Are GenEon is visionary corporation that believes engineered water technologies, or Smart Water, provide a broad range of uses that improve the health, safety and productivity of our customers. These uses include the cleaning, degreasing and sanitizing of many non-porous surfaces including both food and non-food contact areas. GenEon is a subsidiary of a leading international medical technology corporation with more than 33 years of expertise in the technical area of healthcare. We at GenEon believe that the future is here for water-based sustainable and Chemical Free solutions and are constantly innovating to support these systems based on the needs of our customers. GenEon has a commitment to design and develop a comprehensive line of products and solutions that allow Engineered Water to provide a cleaner, safer, sustainable alternative to traditional, sometimes toxic, chemical-based cleaning and sanitizing products. Our Mission Our mission is to redefine the meaning of cleaning, degreasing and sanitizing to include sustainable, renewable and chemical free options that truly work; and at the same time improve health, safety and productivity of those who use or are around those products. By researching, designing, and developing sustainable and chemical free cleaning and sanitizing systems, providing all of the benefits of traditional cleaners, without the danger or high cost. We are accomplishing our mission to spread this unique, truly sustainable cleaning and sanitizing technology through close collaboration with our customers, partners, spreading the news organically and targeting areas where these systems can bring the most benefit to all. Our Vision Our vision at GenEon Technologies is to develop products, services and solutions that help our customers and business partners' transition to a world where sustainable and Chemical-Free Cleaning is the new norm for safe and cost-effective results.