Can't Stop, Just Swap ! Like Johnny Depp (Press Release)

You see a man smoking on a train everyone (especially the smokers) are at awe with his arrogance! As everyone knows that smoking is prohibited in public transportation. The Smoke seems to be real and it looks like a cigarette. No one has a doubt that it is a real cigarette until he tells you that he is smoking an electronic cigarette. It seems that he has quit smoking and is smoking an electronic cigarette instead. Sounds like a Johhny Depp moment(Frank and Elise scene in The Tourist) but I have witnessed many peoples reactions of pure marvel on the Nicolite smoking gadget! Nicolite E cigarettes produce vapor instead of smoke. They do not need to be lit and do not contain over 4000 different poisonous chemicals found in cigarettes. We are seeing more and more celebrities smoking electronic cigarettes not only in real life, but on the big screen as well.Interested? The facts are below! Electronic Cigarettes provide smokers with the nicotine hit they crave without any of the harmful side effects of lit tobacco. E-cigs eradicate the 4000 chemicals smokers are exposed to every time they inhale on a traditional cigarette. No tar, no carbon monoxide, just nicotine. The key to why e cigarettes are becoming increasingly popular amongst smokers, is that they replicate the action of smoking so closely. Most smokers realise that the addiction is not just nicotine, but also the habitual aspect of smoking. With a carefully developed tobacco taste, and the inhalation of an actual vapour, Nicolites Electronic Cigarettes completely replicates the action of smoking. Users even exhale an odourless, harmless water vapour to complete a real smoking experience. This whole process is completely harmless yet provides that real smoking satisfaction. Nicolites Disposable: At Nicolites we recognise that people have different smoking habits. With this in mind we have created a range of different products. Our Nicolite Disposable Electronic Cigarettes are ready to use straight off the shelf, and requires no change in habit as it replicates a smokers ‘box of 20.’ Each one lasts for approximately 25 traditional cigarettes before being disposed of. They require no charging, and are ideal for those smokers that are always on the go. At such an affordable price they also present the perfect opportunity for smokers to try the concept of an electronic cigarette, and test how well they really work. Nicolites Rechargable: Our Nicolites Rechargeable E cigs come with a battery a USB charger and two cartomisers (each of which are approximately equivalent to 20 traditional cigarettes). As the battery is rechargeable this is simply a one off purchase and is covered by a lifetime warranty. Thereafter packs of cartomisers are available in various different strengths. Each pack contains three cartomisers worth approximately 20 cigarettes each, making Nicolites up to three times cheaper than smoking traditional cigarettes. If you would like to feature Nicolites editorially in your issue and would like to request a sample to try and high resolution images then please contact Fran at Generate PR by email on


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