Genesys Conferencing Awarded Multi-Million Dollar Video Conferencing Contract With RSI Systems

Genesys Conferencing Awarded Multi-Million Dollar Video Conferencing Contract With RSI Systems Montpellier, France - June 20, 2001 - Genesys Conferencing (Euronext: 3955 and Nasdaq: GNSY), the world's leading conferencing specialist, announced today the signing of a multi-million dollar agreement with RSI Systems, a leading manufacturer of video conferencing technology, to provide RSI Systems customers with a complete video conferencing service. RSI Systems intended to change its business model in order to provide its customers with a one-stop-shop videoconferencing experience, from product to ISDN access and bridging services. It required a partnership with a large-scale, reliable conferencing specialist. "We are very excited at opening new sales opportunities with RSI Systems," says Kim Mayyasi, CEO of Genesys Conferencing North America. "This agreement provides RSI Systems' customers with a complete conferencing solution using our state-of-the-art conferencing services." Following the acquisition of Vialog Corporation last April, Genesys Conferencing has strengthened its presence and increased its bridging capacities in North America to meet the demands of the largest of customers. The Group was therefore best positioned to successfully partner with RSI Systems, providing approx. 1 million bridging video conferencing minutes per year. Additionally, Genesys Conferencing was able to deliver the global coverage required as RSI Systems is looking to deploy this offering worldwide. About Genesys Conferencing: Founded in 1986, Genesys Conferencing is the world's leading conferencing specialist: audio conferencing, data conferencing, video conferencing and webstreaming. Working in a rapidly growing market and enjoying unique world-wide coverage as a result of its geographic expansion policy, Genesys Conferencing has established its advanced technology in 16 countries throughout Europe, Asia Pacific and the United States. Genesys Conferencing's ordinary shares are listed on the Nouveau Marché in Paris (Euronext: 3955) and its ADRs are listed on the Nasdaq National Stock Market (Nasdaq: GNSY). Genesys Conferencing's revenue has grown by 24 times, internally and through acquisitions, over the past five years. The company's average yearly revenue growth rate during that same time span was 89 percent. In 2000, Genesys Conferencing's revenue amounted to approximately U.S. $85.3 million, up 95 percent from 1999, representing 305 million of conferencing minutes. Combined revenues of Genesys and Vialog for the full-year 2000 were US $164.4 million. For additional information contact: Madeleine Bardlow, Managing Director Genesys Conferencing AB (Sweden) Ph: 0707 - 82 02 23 E-mail: ------------------------------------------------------------ This information was brought to you by Waymaker The following files are available for download: