Geveko’s Swedish Annual Report 2012 released

Geveko’s Swedish Annual Report 2012 is today published on The English version will be published mid April. Geveko only prints the statutory part of the Annual Report. Additional information is published on under the name Annual Review.

“In the CEO review Mr Göran Eklund notes that Geveko’s mission in 2012 has been to

bring to completion the strategy of streamlining the core business, and within the core business, to further improve efficiency to raise profitability and reduce the amount of working capital required.

Göran Eklund states that 2013 will be a year with further challenges. The Nordic contracting market is affected by budget cuts in Denmark and stiff competition with a risk of depressed prices in other nordic countries. As regards material sales efforts will continue to expand on those markets where Geveko is already strong and to gradually step up the presence in the Middle East, North Africa and South America. To sum up, the assessment is that as a result of measures taken and which are still taken, Geveko is better placed than it has been to develop in a positive direction.”.

The Annual Report is available on The Annual Review which includes CEO review, the business activities during the year as well as the Corporate Governance report is available on

Göteborg, Sweden March 26, 2013

This information is such that Geveko must disclose in accordance with the Securities Markets Act. The information was submitted for publication on March 26, 2013 at 10.00 am.

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