Minutes from Annual General Meeting

The Annual General Meeting of AB Geveko was held on 25 April 2013 at Elite Park Avenue Hotel in Göteborg, Sweden. The meeting was chaired by Finn Johnsson, the company’s Chairman and attended by 33 shareholders, representing 26,5% of the total number of shares and 67,2% of the votes. The AGM adopted the parent company and consolidated profit and loss accounts and balance sheets. These are presented in Geveko’s Annual Report for 2012. The AGM discharged the members of the board of directors and the managing director from liability for the financial year.

The AGM resolved in favour of a dividend of SKr 0 per share.

David Bergendahl, Klas Dunberger, Finn Johnsson, Åsa Söderström Jerring, Eva Kajser, Christer Simrén and Stefan Tilk were re-elected. Finn Johnsson was elected chairman.

Election of authorised public accounting firm
The AGM resolved that the authorised public accounting company PwC was re-elected auditor with authorised accountant Bror Frid as auditor in charge.

The AGM resolved that a fee of SKr 400,000 shall be paid to the chairman of the board and that each member shall receive SKr 150,000. The AGM also resolved that a fee of SKr 3,000 per meeting shall be paid for committee activities. The auditors will be paid on the basis of approved invocies in accordance with the exisiting agreement.

Nomination Committee
The AGM adopted the proposals submitted concerning the Nomination Committee.

Guidelines for salaries and other remuneration of company management
The AGM resolved in favour of the guidelines for the remuneration of the company’s management.

Amendment of the Articles of Association
The AGM resolved that the Articles of Association was amended.

Resolution regarding repurchase of own shares
The AGM adopted the proposal submitted by the Board of Directors concerning repurchase and transfer of own shares.

Göteborg, Sweden April 26, 2013

The Board
AB GEVEKO (publ)

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This information is such that Geveko must disclose in accordance with the Securities Markets Act. The information was submitted for publication on April 26, 2013 at 09.45 a.m.

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Facts in brief Geveko is Europe’s leading road-marking company with strong brand names and positions on most markets. The business is focused on the production and sale of road-marking products and contract road-marking services. Cross-border operation involving various units boosts the Group’s competitive position and helps to improve productivity and profitability. Geveko offers environmentally friendly and innovative products of high quality with the aim of creating a safer road environment which is in harmony with Geveko’s mission and business concept to play an active part in road safety programmes in Europe. For more information please visit www.geveko.com


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