GHP expands its business in Copenhagen

GHP Gildhöj Privathospital is growing and is experiencing greater and greater demand from patients and customers. We have therefore decided to expand the business in order to meet the need and enable future growth.

GHP Gildhöj Privathospital in Copenhagen has grown strongly in recent years as a result of great demand from insurance companies. The hospital focuses on patients with orthopaedic problems, but so that GHP can offer a more complete range of services in Denmark, the hospital has been expanded with a number of departments, including rheumatology and neurology. The business has constantly grown through the building of minor extensions and in November 2017 a second MRI camera was added.

Demand has continued to grow and GHP has now made the decision to add a new building during the spring and summer of 2018 in order to increase capacity. The new building will mean that capacity increases by approximately 30%, with one further operating theatre, more beds and more doctor’s offices.

“It feels great to have made this strategically important decision for Gildhöj. The hospital is well liked by patients, customers and employees and has come a long way in recent years. We are now setting up for continued growth in the future,” says Terese Sandberg, Business Area Manager for GHP in Denmark.

"I am proud of Gildhöj's great performance in recent years and the new building is necessary if we are to be able to take care of everyone seeking health care from us. Furthermore, we will also gain a very good work environment", says Claus Hovgaard, CEO of GHP Gildhöj Privathospital.

The new building will be constructed without any major capital expenditure from GHP and is expected to have a positive but not significant impact on GHP’s results for 2018.

19 February 2018

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