GHP Gastro Center Stockholm starts new cross-functional unit

Many patients with functional gastrointestinal problems find it difficult to get appropriate help and are often passed from their family doctor to different specialists and back again. In order to help this patient group, GHP Gastro Center Stockholm has now extended its services and set up a cross-functional unit with a broad competence base, thus enabling it to investigate and adapt treatment.

Health care in Sweden is often far too fragmented and divided up according to the various kinds of specialists available rather than according to the group of patients each doctor meets. This means that patients are forced to seek care from various health care providers in a fragmented and uncoordinated health care chain. They therefore run the risk of not receiving optimal treatment, as each specialist uses his own state of the art competence, which means that many people, despite a lot of treatment, never find the right help. GHP’s business concept “Quality through specialisation” is thus based on each clinic having the various specialists necessary to help the patient group that the individual clinic specialises in.

A large patient group which often finds it difficult to get the appropriate help consists of patients with gastrointestinal problems such as a bloated stomach, stomach pain or recurring faecal disorders. This group of patients often has diffuse symptomatology and only a small percentage of patients have an underlying organic disease (such as stomach ulcers or inflammatory bowel disease), while others have so-called functional gastrointestinal problems (such as IBS, functional dyspepsia, functional diarrhea or functional constipation).

In order to ensure that we can help patients with these problems as well and efficiently as possible, irrespective of whether they have organic or functional problems, we have extended GHP Gastro Center Stockholm’s competence profile and reviewed the care chains. This group of patients is now met by gastroenterologists, surgeons, GI nurses, dieticians and physiotherapists. Each patient is first met by an experienced GI nurse, who in consultation with a gastroenterologist ensures that the patient then meets the right competence and is effectively investigated, and makes sure that the right treatment is given. This part of GHP’s business activities initially focuses on the insurance companies, as they are interested in finding holistic concepts of this kind.

This development of the business activities further strengthens GHP’s aim to create benefits for society through clinics solely focusing on one patient group with all the competences necessary.

The unit is not expected to have a significant impact on GHP’s results for 2017.

15 November 2017

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