GHP starts new business model so as to develop integrated health care solutions

Today’s reimbursement system in health care focuses on optimising each individual step in a chain of care, whereas the overall picture is often forgotten. GHP sees opportunities to optimise the entire chain of care and thus increase quality, give the right care to our patients more quickly and reduce costs for our customers.

Treatment of a medical condition usually consists of a number of steps (chain of care), such as an assessment appointment, diagnosis, an operation and/or physiotherapy. Today’s reimbursement system usually reimburses the care provider per measure taken rather than looking at the quality of the measures taken and the total costs for restoring a patient to health. This makes it difficult for a care provider that wants to increase the quality and efficacy of the individual measures and thereby achieve a lower total cost and faster results.

GHP has clearly seen positive effects of focusing on the overall picture. We have, for example, been able to halve the number of physiotherapy appointments per patient while still maintaining the quality outcome when we have increased the resources at each individual appointment, extended the time of the appointment somewhat and furthermore seen to it that patients receive comprehensive educational information. This has led to faster results and fewer disturbances in the everyday life of the patient as well as a reduction of our customers’ costs.

We are convinced that our customers, such as insurance companies and County Councils, want to develop health care in this direction together with us and we are therefore starting a new business model under the charge of Birgitta Westerberg. Birgitta is a trained doctor and psychologist and she joins us from the Sollentuna Outpatient Psychiatric Unit where she was the Head of the Unit. Together with our customers we will develop entire chains of care so that we achieve more efficient care, where each patient receives precisely the care that he or she needs, without unnecessary elements.

A first step in this new business model is the collaboration with Skandia, which we have announced today.

“There are considerable opportunities to improve and develop the chains of care by working together with our customers. This means that each patient receives the correct care more quickly and that we can reduce the number of unnecessary elements, not least the amount of administration. For 2015 this work will affect financial results negatively, however, as we are making considerable investments in the development of our chains of care,” says Daniel Öhman, CEO of GHP.

1 June 2015
Gothenburg, Sweden
GHP Specialty Care AB (publ)

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GHP is an internationally active health care provider that operates specialist clinics in a select number of diagnostic areas through the application of a business model that is unique in the health care industry, where leading doctors become partners and shareholders. Each clinic specialises in a particular patient group, and this leads to increased efficiency and higher quality. This is the cornerstone of GHP’s business philosophy – “Quality through specialisation”. GHP shares are traded on the Small Cap list of Nasdaq Stockholm under the ticker symbol “GHP”.

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