Utilized and issued warrants

Global Health Partner’s CEO Per Båtelson and Deputy CEO Johan Wachtmeister have utilized existing share purchase warrants and acquired 527,444 and 527,445 shares, respectively, in Global Health Partner. The warrants were issued by a number of Global Health Partner’s shareholders, mainly by Metroland BVBA, and the strike price was 75 pence, corresponding to approximately SEK 8.75. After the transaction Per Båtelson’s shareholding (incl. the holdings of related parties) amounts to a total of 3,814,044 shares. For Johan Wachtmeister the corresponding figure amounts to 4,378,931 shares. The total number of shares in Global Health Partner amounts to 64,816,074. The percentage of shares owned by Per Båtelson thereby amounts to 5.9% and the percentage owned by Johan Wachtmeister to 6.8%. Furthermore, Per Båtelson and Johan Wachtmeister have each issued 75,000 share purchase warrants in Global Health Partner at current market rates to the company’s Chief Operating Officer, Ann-Sofi Lodin. The term of the warrants is 3 years and the strike price is SEK 16.00 per share. 1 September 2009 Gothenburg, Sweden Global Health Partner AB (publ)


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