How to Easily Conserve Water in the Yard and Garden

Regardless of the time of year, it is always possible to conserve water. Gilmour watering products and accessories make conservation quick and easy, so cutting back doesn’t have to be an issue.

  • Investing in leak-resistant tools is a key way to conserve water. The Flexogen Super Duty Hose is a great place to start; its durable brass couplings and O-rings provide a tight seal that allows the hose to connect to spigots, nozzles and sprinklers without leaking from season to season.

  • Never overestimate the size of a lawn again, thanks to Gilmour’s Lawn Size Calculator. It uses satellite imagery to measure lawn square footage, so it is easier to select a sprinkler that will water the perfect amount of space.

  • An irregular-shaped lawn doesn’t have to be a set-back. The Medium Duty Adjustable Pattern Master Circular Sprinkler has a flexible ring that can customize spray distance at 12 different points, so water only goes where it’s needed.

  • Let the Mechanical Water Timer do the work. Simply program a desired run time, and switch to “On.” The device will automatically shut off once the time is up to prevent overwatering.

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