GIPS Now Offers Enterprises And Service Providers Complete Off-The-Shelf Applications Through Expanded Solutions & Acquisition

SAN FRANCISCO — January 29, 2007 — Global IP Sound announced today that the company is being re-branded to Global IP Solutions (GIPS) to reflect the expansion and broadening of its market position, including new multi-media technology to be integrated with all of GIPS offerings and real-time applications for the Enterprise market.

"GIPS has established itself as the de facto standard in the embedded voice processing market and can now offer a combined voice and video solution that provides the same high quality performance that the market demands” says Gary Hermansen, President and CEO, GIPS. “Additionally GIPS has expanded its technology leadership by offering focused enterprise applications that extend the functionality of voice based enterprise solutions.”

GIPS acquired Espré Solutions patented video codec technology, Espre LSVX. The video technology, GIPS LSVX, will be incorporated into all GIPS’ client and server Engines, enabling service providers, application developers, and hardware manufacturers to develop IP enabled media with maximum sound and image quality.

GIPS will also offer complete enterprise-based solutions through the acquisition of CrystalVoice, a provider of real-time IP-based applications. The acquisition includes patented security and packet management technologies that offer targeted enterprise based solutions. GIPS will partner with Cisco, Avaya and 3COM to offer these enterprise market solutions, which include Remote Extension and Click-to-Talk functionality. Remote Extension will offer enterprise organizations the ability to have high quality and secure voice extensions to their IP-PBX networks. Click-to-Talk will allow enterprises to integrate communication functionality to any web site allowing those enterprises to offer immediate VoIP connectivity to their markets. GIPS’ expanded and enhanced offerings will allow customers to roll out complete applications without additional R&D programming, accelerating their time-to-market and return on investment.

IDC research manager of VoIP services, Will Stofega said: “Enterprises and service providers are demanding technologies and solutions that offer high quality user experiences and ensure productivity and profitability gains.” He added, “Organizations should seek out market leaders that can offer robust and field-tested applications and technologies that also possess scalability for future expansion.”

With Remote Extension (RE) and Click-to-Talk (CTT) applications, GIPS now offers enterprises and service providers complete off-the-shelf applications that deliver the highest quality user experience. GIPS’ RE provides remote connectivity for road warriors and telecommuters to a corporate IP-PBX system through a secure connection, excluding the need for expensive VPN systems. The remote user’s PC becomes the PBX extension and provides truly better-than-PSTN call quality, as well as the efficient utilization of bandwidth. The industry-leading CTT product enables website visitors to click a button and immediately connect — over the Internet — to a resource for assistance and information.

To better serve GIPS’ existing and potential customers, two sales groups have been formed — the Media Engines Group and the Solutions Group. The Media Engines group delivers best-in-class multimedia technology to enable real-time IP communication of the utmost clarity and reliability. The Solutions Group provides enterprises and service providers with complete applications that generate revenue and improve productivity.

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Global IP Solutions is the world’s most widely deployed technology for processing real-time voice and video over IP networks. As the inventors of iLBC – an IETF industry standard for narrowband speech codec and iSAC – the defacto industry standard for wideband speech codec, Global IP Solutions’ software delivers robust functionality with enough flexibility to be easily integrated in virtually any application. By leveraging this cutting-edge technology, service providers, applications developers and hardware manufacturers can bring to market highly differentiated products to reduce churn and increase customer satisfaction. Our software is deployed in over 800 million end-points and resolves the full range of network impairments — like delay, jitter, packet loss, and echo. In addition, Global IP Solutions’ technology offers the highest quality voice and video processing available in the marketplace as well as industry leading bandwidth optimization to ensure the most efficient use of IP networks. These solutions can be delivered at virtually any level of integration- from components such as codecs, to more complete media processing engines and SDKs. Our products also comply with industry standards, which allows for wider adoption, faster time to market, and the best user experience possible. Unifying CommunicationsNo other company delivers the quality, scale and flexibility of media processing technology that today’s unified communications require. With over 20 patents pending and approved, GIPS has pioneered the application of innovations in IP communications, which helps our customers achieve extreme performance. Customers are GIPS top priority, which is why our mission is to enable you with technology that’s validated by proven industry leaders. GIPS by any measure — deployments, platform and by solving network impairments — is the company that provides world-class technology to power your products. See the difference and hear the difference with GIPS.

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