Successful Mobile VoIP on iPhones and Smartphones Whitepaper available from Global IP Solutions

Whitepaper Emphasizes Issues that Must be Addressed to Create a Quality Mobile Experience

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. — Oct. 20, 2008 — Global IP Solutions (Oslo Børs: GIPS), the leading provider of IP multimedia processing solutions, announced today the availability of a whitepaper that highlights the challenges and opportunities critical for high quality when implementing mobile VoIP, called “Implementing VoIP for iPhones and Smartphones,” written by Roar Hagen, CTO at Global IP Solutions.

The paper addresses how developers can overcome problems inherent in mobile IP communications, such as packet loss and delay, jitter, acoustic echo and OS tuning. It also explains how applications can be VoIP-enabled to take advantage of the unique capabilities of today’s smart phones, like access to the internet. To download the paper for free, visit

Apple Inc.'s iPhone 3G was the top-selling smartphone in the U.S. from June through August, capturing 24 percent of the market, according to market research firm NPD Group, a market research firm for the wireless industry. The total smartphone market is growing rapidly, with revenues reaching nearly $1.7 billion already this year, according to NPD Group.

“Smartphones and especially the iPhone present the most promising opportunity for growth of the mobile IP market, and an excellent platform for developing applications that create real-time VoIP. However, mobile application developers, wireless service providers and handset manufacturers need to ensure the end user experience is first-class to ensure success in the market. GIPS audio processing expertise is recognized worldwide and ensures high-quality VoIP, even under adverse Wi-Fi conditions,” said Roar Hagen, CTO, Global IP Solutions.

Hagen continued, “These full featured devices have introduced ground breaking design and multimedia capabilities to the mobile world and their adoption rate has been staggering, even during this down economy. Application developers, wireless service providers and manufacturers can bring expert high quality voice and video applications to mobile devices in record time with GIPS’ MediaEngines. This will allow both the enterprise and consumer mobile community to benefit from new IP communication capabilities on the road, such as VoIP calling, social networking and video conferencing as well as integrated multi-player chat.”

GIPS is recognized for its media processing expertise for IP communications with the invention of the IETF standard iLBC. With more than 800 million downloads globally on various platforms, GIPS continues to innovate by enabling VoIP on mobile devices, allowing accelerated time-to-market with cutting edge Mobile VoIP applications.


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Global IP Solutions is the world’s most widely deployed technology for processing real-time voice and video over IP networks. As the inventors of iLBC – an IETF industry standard for narrowband speech codec and iSAC – the defacto industry standard for wideband speech codec, Global IP Solutions’ software delivers robust functionality with enough flexibility to be easily integrated in virtually any application. By leveraging this cutting-edge technology, service providers, applications developers and hardware manufacturers can bring to market highly differentiated products to reduce churn and increase customer satisfaction. Our software is deployed in over 800 million end-points and resolves the full range of network impairments — like delay, jitter, packet loss, and echo. In addition, Global IP Solutions’ technology offers the highest quality voice and video processing available in the marketplace as well as industry leading bandwidth optimization to ensure the most efficient use of IP networks. These solutions can be delivered at virtually any level of integration- from components such as codecs, to more complete media processing engines and SDKs. Our products also comply with industry standards, which allows for wider adoption, faster time to market, and the best user experience possible. Unifying CommunicationsNo other company delivers the quality, scale and flexibility of media processing technology that today’s unified communications require. With over 20 patents pending and approved, GIPS has pioneered the application of innovations in IP communications, which helps our customers achieve extreme performance. Customers are GIPS top priority, which is why our mission is to enable you with technology that’s validated by proven industry leaders. GIPS by any measure — deployments, platform and by solving network impairments — is the company that provides world-class technology to power your products. See the difference and hear the difference with GIPS.

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