First quarter (January 1 to March 31 2016)

  • Net sales for the group for the quarter amounted to 12.949 KUSD

  • EBITDA for the group amounted to 2.405 KUSD

  • As a result of the decision taken in August 2015 to move the production from own factory in Denmark to own factory in China, the majority of the employees at the factory in Denmark were given notice of dismissal in March 2016 and the retention bonuses associated with this action have been expensed and accrued for at a total of USD 575 KUSD.

Contact Information

Global Scanning A/S                                                 Graham Tinn, CEO

Svanevang 2, 3450 Allerød                                       Tel: 0045 48141122, Mail:

Tel: 0045 48141122                                                  Anja Folkvardsen, CFO

                                                                                  Tel: 0045 48141122, Mail:

About Us

The Group develops, manufactures and markets large-format scanning solutions for the computer-aided design (CAD), geographic information systems (GIS), reprographic products, copy services and document archiving segments under the brand names of Contex and Colortrac respectively.   The scanners digitally capture documents, drawings and other 2D input in order to view, edit, archive, convert or print output data.

The group's products are sold across the world through a value-add distribution network and via OEM agreements with major multinational enterprises within the Large Format Printing industry.


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