globellColor reaches $55,000 on Kickstarter

globellColor’s Kickstarter campaign at has raised more than $55,000, surpassing its target. As a thank you, the manufacturer is expanding its color management solution to include versions in French and Spanish.

Tegelen/Netherlands August 5, 2016 – globellColor’s global Kickstarter campaign at has reached its funding target several times over, raising $55,000. To mark this milestone, the manufacturer has announced plans to provide the solution in French and Spanish alongside existing English and German versions. The campaign’s next target is to raise $60,000 by August 14, 2016. If globellColor reaches this, it will also make the software available in Chinese and Japanese.

The solution consists of a globellColorMeter with a durable glass filter and powerful, user-friendly software for Windows and Mac. Both will be made available to supporters in late fall, making colour management easier, faster and more effective and ensuring that everyone can enjoy natural colors on all types of monitor, as well as on printed photos. This Globell solution is 100% made in Germany and delivers accurate calibration for all major monitor types and other display devices for both Mac and Windows. This benefits private users, photographers, design agencies and gamers.

True colors on all display devices

globellColor is affordable for everyone, easy to use and delivers professional quality calibration. To ensure this, the company developed its own colorimeter based on the latest technology and drew on expert knowledge and the optical expertise of lens specialists Meyer-Optik-Görlitz. The globellColorMeter’s durable glass filter will always provide accurate and consistent calibration and profiling - even after several years of use. The solution also includes powerful and user-friendly software for both Windows and Mac.

"We combine modern sensor technology and durability with sophisticated software to create an ideal tool for any professional or amateur photographer," explains Thomas Kuligowski, globellColor Product Manager. "As a long-standing innovation partner for digital image processing, we are pleased to launch globellColor, a complete color management solution that is made in Germany. On completion of the successful Kickstarter project, we will expand the globellColor product range further to include more products.”

Until August 14, supporters of the Kickstarter campaign will have the unique opportunity to acquire the innovative globellColor technology at an exceptionally low price, with the RRP expected to be $249. Once the products have been delivered to campaign supporters this fall, they will be launched on the market. 

globellColor features

- Fast and accurate calibration and profiling
- Easy to use: no experience required
- Can be used immediately: predefined calibration settings
- Also for professionals: customizable calibration settings
- Ability to examine results: before/after comparison
- Can be used with almost all monitor technologies
- Measure multiple monitors in the workplace
- High-quality glass lenses powered by Meyer-Optik-Görlitz
- Non-ageing glass filter
- View of the representable color space as a 3D model
- Many hardware-calibratable monitors supported
- Software also supports some third-party sensors
- Compatible with Windows and Mac

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About globellColor: Monitor calibration made in Germany
globellColor calibrates monitors to enable the correct editing of photos and graphics. Color deviations in printing caused by incorrect colors in post-production are now a thing of the past. Photographers, web designers and agencies can avoid such correction loops and reduce costs and private users will benefit from maximum depth of detail in computer game and HD video displays. globellColor uses individual color profiles for each screen to ensure accurate and authentic colors corresponding to the perception of the human eye and the CIE color standard, carrying out the calibration of displays and subsequent profiling. Users therefore set the precise color rendering of their monitors and receive the best contrast and brightness settings completely automatically. A before/after function enables the user to truly see the result of this calibration.

About Globell
Globell B.V., headquartered in Tegelen in the Netherlands, is a subsidiary of the German company net SE. Founded in 1996, Globell is a leading company in the development and marketing of high-quality brands and software solutions in the field of photography and imaging. Globell offers its products and solutions both in German-speaking markets and around the world.
Globell is also a recognized publisher and republisher and is known for the successful marketing of brands such as WinZip, ACDSee and SmithMicro in European markets.