Sleep Problems Linked to Obesity

According to medical reports there is a direct link between a lack of sleep and gaining weight, which in turn can lead to more severe sleep related problems such as sleep apnoea.

University research found that weary individuals had more brain activity in areas associated with the motivation to eat, with other studies showing that poor sleep increases the levels of hormones linked to weight gain.

With over a quarter of adults classified as obese in 2010, and a report from leading medical journal The Lancet (August 2011) estimating that figure could increase to 40% by 2030, this is a problem that needs addressing.

The in-house medical mattress team at the Memory Foam Warehouse are conscious of this escalating issue and have created a new range of super supportive bariatric mattresses that are specifically designed to help heavier people get the good night’s sleep they need.

The mattresses, which can take a weight of up to 55 stone (349 kg), provide maximum support without compromising on pressure relief. Anyone who weighs more than 24 stone (152kg) or has a BMI of above 35 will find these mattresses are much more comfortable than standard products, as they provide the correct support for the whole body.

The bariatric mattresses all feature a base made from medical grade reflex foam, which is designed for improved weight bearing and durability.

The orthopaedic  mattresses also have high-density memory foam upper layers that create a comfortable surface which offers maximum pressure relief for a restful night’s sleep. They can also help to improve blood circulation and can reduce the need to toss and turn during the night by up to 70%.

In addition all the mattresses come with Outlast® mattress covers, which feature advanced microclimate technology that helps prevent disturbances in sleep by controlling fluctuations in skin temperature. This is an especially important feature for overweight people as they can be more likely to overheat and perspire during the night, putting them at risk of the development of pressure sores.

The super support bariatric mattress range is available in two options - Ortho Support Bariatric Memory Foam and Ortho Support Plus Bariatric Memory Foam.

Both bariatric mattresses are available in Single, Small Double, Double, King Size, Euro and Super King Size. They are also hypoallergenic and antibacterial, so are suitable for people who suffer with allergies or asthma.

For more information visit the Memory Foam Warehouse.

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Over the last 35 years GNG has established themselves as an international brand leader in the healthcare, sports, safety, and lifestyle industries. The company manufactures all its products in the UK, and has 2 manufacturing facilities based in Wakefield and Liversedge with a combined area of 60,000 square feet. With over 100 employees, and the latest foam conversion equipment they are able to produce high volumes of quality foam products, with an efficient turnaround. They currently produce over 75,000 mattresses per year, and supply foam products both nationally and internationally. The product development team carries out all product design and testing in-house, and GNG’s experience and skill has ensured continued growth and investment in design and foam conversion technology. GNG supplies to a number of key industries requiring foam based solutions, and within each industry they are a valued and trusted supplier of a number of specialist products. Through everything they do, GNG strives to ensure that environmentally friendly solutions are offered wherever possible. This means that they make sure foam off cuts are recycled, as well as all recyclable products within the business. The company also look to purchase recycled goods whenever the opportunity is available.