Golden Hammer Conference and Awards Ceremony 11 June!

We are pleased to say that all the 2015 Golden Hammer entries have been checked and complied into their appropriate category. Entries have been received from 22 countries in Europe and Central Asia.

We love them and the favourites are already the subject of deep debate in the office, but it's not up tu us. Our wonderful panel of judges have been given top-secret access to the entries and have just over a week to come up with their shortlists.

In the meantime, Spring has definately sprung in Latvia, but we have specially arranged a few cooler days. This is to hold back the flowering of the lilacs and horse-chestnuts so that they will be in full, glorious bloom for your visit on 11 June.

We start the day in the heart of Jūrmala, Jomas iela, the pedestrian-mall that dissects the resort as it meanders along parallel to the beach. Wander past restaurants and coffee shops until you reach the green and blossom-filled garden in front of Jūrmala’s Cultural Centre.

Take a deep breath of wonderful sea air as you prepare to be astounded by our Conference speakers, all members of Golden Hammer’s very select jury and very much on top of where the creative industry finds itself. And where it should or could go.

Completing the day, we will watch all the competition entries that have made the short list.

Then we take a refreshing 15-minute stroll to the Dzintari concert precinct, where you will be welcomed to the gorgeous, newly restored, 1930s concert hall, in all its glory of neo-eclectic wood décor.

But the highlight of the evening, the Golden Hammer Awards Ceremony will definitely not be 1930s style. We too are tired of long drawn-out formalities.

So we’ve shown you the short-listers in the afternoon already, now we will award the winners in a short sharp ceremony which we guarantee will not take longer than a football match. How do we know? Because our MC will be Louis Zezeran, the Estonia-based Australian comedian – need we say more?

It won't even be dark when we finish, still time for a sunset coctail or two, and then ...

Programme and tickets for the Conference and/or Awards ceremony are available at

If you want to stay in Jūrmala for the night, we have arranged special accommodation prices at the Semarah Hotel Lielupe (Don't forget to use the promo code GoldenHammer booking your room).

Anna Muhka
Head of Communications
371 29 474 534

Golden Hammer is a festival of creativity in every sense. We honour victories achieved, congratulate passionate projects and celebrate the awesomeness of bright minds that know no boundaries.


About Us

Golden Hammer as an international advertising festival is happening since 1999. The strong traditions unite creative agencies from more than 25 countries. Over the years Golden Hammer’s carefully chosen, multinational jury has proven objectivity and high valuation standards which ensures fair competition, encourages perfection and global recognition. We are passionate about creativity and great ideas which means constant change and improvement, therefore we at Golden Hammer want to go further than just awarding success. We want to trigger new solutions and educate about latest breezes in the sphere through offering valuable content and alternative entertainment. As the professionals in advertising have experienced much and are difficult to surprise, we will do our best to deliver only the best speakers in the field, throw valuable workshops and organise dashing parties